Oh wow, there’s even a strawberry recipe this year! After the strawberry white chocolate Tiramisu I didn’t really plan any further, but lucky for all who are happy about this recipe, the ravenous appetite for strawberries overpowered me!

Strawberries have served humanity as food for a long time, so archaeological finds have shown that our ancestors already fed on these little delicacies in the Stone Age.
In addition one must say however that the original strawberries differed around some from the modern ones from today.
They were much more like the small forest strawberries or monthly berries often found along forest paths.
Also in the Middle Ages the small “Urstraebereren” were cultivated on large surfaces.
Imagine how much work they must have been, and without any machines!
In the 17th century, the crossing of two somewhat larger wild strawberry species from South America (Chile strawberry) and North America (scarlet strawberry) led to the breeding of the modern large garden strawberry.
This displaced the clearly smaller forest strawberries as culture-fruit from Europe fast through the bigger yield.
I think it’s a pity that the small wild strawberries can hardly be bought, they just look so cute and would look great on a cake!

Difficulty: Easy, working time: min. 30 min, preparations the day before: No, mould size: 23 cm , baking time: approx. 50-60 min, baking temperature: 175 °C

For the dough
250 g soft butter + approx. 30 g more to grease the pan
250 g finest sugar
5 eggs (size M), room temperature
375 g flour + a little more to flour the mould
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 pinch salt
100 ml yoghurt
75 ml milk
150 g strawberry yoghurt chocolate (e.g. yogurette)
180 g strawberries
A good pinch of freshly grated tonka bean (alternatively the Mark 1 vanilla pod)

For decoration
Some small fresh strawberries
elderberry blossoms

For the dough
First, conscientiously grease and flour a Gugelhupfform. Now preheat the oven to 175 °C.
Cut strawberry yoghurt chocolate into small pieces, wash strawberries and also cut into pieces.
Put strawberries in a small bowl and mix with 1 tablespoon flour, do the same with 0.5 tablespoons flour with the chocolate pieces. The flour prevents the ingredients from sinking too low during baking.
Whip butter with sugar and salt lightly, then stir in eggs one after the other and continue stirring thoroughly after each, now add tonka bean.
Mix dry ingredients as well as milk and yoghurt. Alternately add thirds, starting with the dry ingredients. Only mix the dough as briefly as possible, otherwise it will become tough. Carefully fold in the strawberries and chocolate, then pour the dough into the Gugelhupfform and after approx. 50 minutes sample the sticks. If necessary, cover the cake with aluminium foil if the surface is too brown.
As soon as the cake is completely baked, let it cool down completely and, if necessary, place the cake tin in a basin with warm water for 30 seconds to be on the safe side before falling (of course without water reaching the cake). Now carefully turn it down.

For decoration
Put the strawberries on a toothpick and attach them to the cake. (Remember to point out the toothpicks to your guests!!) Please halve the toothpicks as there is a danger of swallowing them!
Now put on the elderberry blossoms, ready!


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