…and wants a cake with a lot of chocolate, then you don’t really need to worry so much. Chocolate bases, chocolate cream, chocolate decoration. 🙂 I had a completely free hand. And I always wanted to try a drip cake as a birthday cake.

My son still likes children’s chocolate and co. very much. So it quickly became clear what was on the cake. In addition Duplo, surprise eggs and Giotto Schoko for some change with the brown tones.

For the cake itself, I took my basic recipe – converted to three eggs – and baked it in the shapes I already presented to you with this cake.
For the cream I made a ganache from 400 ml whipped cream, 400 g dark chocolate and 2 bottles of rum aroma and used it to fill and spread the cake. The decorative elements could also be “stuck on” very well with it.

After coating the cake I melted 100 g dark chocolate coating and let it run down the edge of the cake. This works very well if the chocolate coating is no warmer than lukewarm and the cake is well cooled. Then the “noses” won’t drip all the way down.

Spread the decoration on the cake according to taste and the chocolate “bomb” is ready. My son was thrilled. For me it was a bit too much chocolate and above all too much rum taste. I’m more of a fruit or cheesecake type. But hey, it wasn’t my cake and it wasn’t my 18th birthday. And what a mother doesn’t do for her child.
Although, now he is not a child any more, but also grown up on paper…



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