The Grand Canyon, one of the greatest natural wonders on earth, impressive and absolutely fascinating. The Grand Canyon can be admired and experienced in many different ways. Whether with the helicopter, with a boat or a hike into the canyon, much is possible.

Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and is about 450 km long, between 6 and 30 km wide and up to 1800 m deep. Gigantic dimensions that can only be realized by standing in front of the plateau. More than 3000 years ago Indians settled this area and even today some Indians still live in the canyon. According to numerous studies it can be said that the canyon is between 5 and 6 million years old and was created by the erosion force of the Colorado River. You can learn more about the geology of the Grand Canyon here on Wikipedia.

Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is still the most breathtaking and fascinating natural wonder I have ever seen. The day at the Grand Canyon will remain in my memory forever, because we spontaneously decided on a helicopter flight over the canyon. I am still happy to have dared to do so, because it is one of the most beautiful and impressive moments of my life.

I was lucky and was allowed to spend my flight with the pilot in the cockpit and thus had the best view. At the start of the flight I had no idea what to expect and also not that what I will see in a moment will knock me out of my socks in such a way that it will become the most beautiful moment of this journey for me and it will even come on the list of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

I can’t even begin to reflect what I felt at that moment when this huge canyon opened up in front of us. The feeling is simply indescribable and also the pictures don’t even nearly reflect what you really get to see there. You can capture a lot with pictures, but not everything. The Grand Canyon is definitely a good example. Before our trip I looked at countless pictures and reports, but to experience it myself is something completely different.

Grand Canyon National Park
The Canyon is indescribably beautiful and gigantic and lies at one’s feet. The biggest part of the canyon is located in the Grand Canyon National Park, where one could stay for days and there is always something new to discover. We decided for a hike at the southern edge of the canyon. Here, one should be free of vertigo in any case, as the paths are partly not even half a meter wide and not secured to the abyss.

Shuttle buses drive the whole day between the individual stations and view points back and forth, as the distances are gigantic. It is also possible to make a 34 km long walk from the Grand Canyon Village at the southern edge to the Bright Angel Point at the northern edge. For especially sporty visitors, it is also possible to start a hike into the canyon, but for overnight stays within the canyon, a permit is required. Such hikes are strictly supervised by the Park Rangers. Boat tours in the canyon are also possible, but usually last around three days. Also fans of whitewater rafting will get their money’s worth.

The Grand Canyon National Park is a paradise in which one can stay for several days and still never get bored. There are many different ways to marvel at the Canyon and I can only recommend that you take a helicopter flight. It is an incredible experience that you will never forget again.


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