The adventure journey continues. On this day the journey led us to Calico Ghost Town and on to Seligman. The ghost town Calico Ghost Town has totally inspired me and is definitely worth a detour. If you plan to make a round trip to the west coast, you should definitely plan this place. Also the small place Seligman is worth a visit in any case.

Now we were already for some days on the way and the many impressions of the past days had to be processed first of all. With a planned quiet program we started into the new day. The trip from Los Angeles to Calico Ghost Town made it possible to relax a bit. I can only stress again and again how happy I was to have booked a guided tour. Had I had to cover these long distances by car alone, such a tight program would not have been possible. Besides, it would have been impossible to get so much information from so many different places. So if you plan to do a USA roadtrip, consider it well whether it should be a guided tour. 😉

Calico Ghost Town
The ghost town of Calico Ghosttown is located in the Mojave Desert. The city of Calico was founded in 1881 and was home to about 1200 mining workers. When towards the end of the 19th century the price of silver dropped enormously, the city was abandoned. Some of the buildings from that time were preserved and some were replaced by replicas. A house in Calico Ghost Town was built entirely from bottles. Today the city can be visited by tourists and there is a lot to see and do.

What one least suspects in these buildings is a Starbucks and yes, there is also a Starbucks here. 😀 In Calico it is also possible to visit some mines, which I have to admit was also a bit scary… The corridors are very narrow and persons with claustrophobia this short excursion is not recommended. For all those who prefer to look around outside, there is a small train that travels through the mountains. Wild West Shows can also be experienced here. All those who feel like a Wild Western feeling should definitely visit Calico Ghost Town. It is very interesting to see how people lived and worked here in the past.

Seligman is a small town on the former Route 66, also known as the birthplace of Route 66. After the completion of Interstate 40, Seligman was cut off from transit traffic and the main source of income from transit traffic was missing. As a result, more and more buildings have fallen into disrepair. The town of Seligman is frequently visited by tourists. Especially the old-established local hairdressing salon has become a popular meeting place for Route 66 fans. People travel here from all over the world to pin their business cards or national currency on the wall. It all started with a single card years ago and now all walls and even the ceiling are completely covered with it, which is very surprising when you enter the shop. The hairdresser’s now serves mainly as a souvenir shop.

After our short detour to Seligman and leaving my business card behind, we went back to the hotel. How the journey went on and which experience became one of the most beautiful in my life, you will learn in the next travel contribution.


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