A panorama that you won’t forget for the rest of your life. This awaits you as soon as you enter the Yosemite National Park. Absolutely impressive and breathtaking, a place to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Yosemite National Park
After a very exciting and hot day in Death Valley, we were happy about some cooling down today. We started relatively early to spend as much time as possible in the national park. It should be a relaxed and beautiful day, because we had the whole day at our disposal and could move completely free. That this day would become one of the most exciting of this trip, of which we had not suspected anything in the early morning yet. On the way to the national park we were informed about possible dangers by our tour guide. In the Yosemite National Park there are a lot of wild animals, including bears and it is not unusual to meet them. We have been informed about the rules of conduct in this case. Since I would probably have dropped dead in such a situation anyway, I would not have had to kill them.

Yosemite National Park is located in the central high mountains of the Sierra Nevada in California. The approx. 3,000 km² large national park lies at an altitude of 600 to 4,000 meters above sea level. In 1984, the park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because its impressive rocks, waterfalls and clear streams, the mammoth groves and its biodiversity are known worldwide. The various parts of the park can be reached by car via a 315 km long road network. However, you should hike along one of the many off-road paths to experience the beauty of nature. A landscape of breathtaking size opens up here.

Tunnel View
We made our first stop at the most famous viewpoint of the Yosemite National Park. At this place you have an overwhelming view over the whole valley. The viewpoint “Tunnel View” is located directly behind the exit of the Wawona Tunnel on the left side of the road. To the left is El Capitan, a huge granite rock that is a popular destination for mountaineers. In the distance, one sees the towering Half Dome, the landmark of the national park. Unfortunately, the Half Dome is very often wrapped in clouds and is not always visible. But we were very lucky to find a bright blue sky and the view simply couldn’t be better. Only in very few places one can stand in front of such a panorama.

Yosemite Falls
Those who visit the Yosemite Valley should not miss the main attractions of the park. The Yosemite Falls were of course also on our list. The national park is known for its high number of waterfalls. The Yosemite Falls belong with their 739 meters height to the highest waterfalls of the world. They are divided into Upper Falls (435 m), Middle Cascades (206 m) and Lower Falls (98 m).

Yosemite National Park is a habitat for numerous animal and plant species. Since the park extends over four ecosystems depending on altitude, many animal and plant species have found a home here. The American black bear is known for breaking into parked cars and searching for edible food. The campers’ food also attracts the bears, which is why you have to lock your food in bear-safe metal containers in the park. The rangers try hard to keep the bears away from the tourists, but despite all the effort there are always encounters with the black giants. The sequoia trees in Yosemite National Park are the largest living creatures that have ever thrived on this planet. They have held their ground over thousands of years and are sometimes over 100 metres high with a trunk diameter of approx. 10 metres.

We walked the whole day through the park and met some animals. Unfortunately I couldn’t catch them all with the camera because they were too fast. I could have spent several more days in this beautiful nature, but in the late afternoon we made our way to our meeting point, as the journey continued again. Arriving at our meeting point, we unfortunately had to find out that one person from our travel group was missing. As the gentleman did not show up even after a long wait, we decided to split up and search the surrounding area for him. After one hour we gathered again at the bus, unfortunately without success. Our tour guide had already informed the park rangers who were already looking for him. After another half hour they had found the gentleman luckily. He had gotten lost and had not found our meeting place. We were all relieved that nothing bad had happened and that he had returned to us safe and sound. So the journey could continue with a little delay.


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