Impressive rock formations and high massive rock walls characterize the Zion National Park in Utah. Its special location makes it a habitat for numerous animal and plant species. Whether hiking, horse riding or climbing, here you can really experience a lot.

Zion National Park
The Zion National Park is located in the southwest of Utah and covers an area of 579 km². Within the national park there are numerous canyons which are made of brown to partly red sandstone. The Virgin River made its way through the rock and thus formed today’s National Park. The highest point in the park is the 2660 meter high Horse Ranch Mountain. The Zion National Park is now one of the most visited national parks in the USA. In order to see and experience as much as possible one should hike under the towering rock walls. Hikes in the park can be quite adventurous, so it can happen that the hikers even have to swim in places. A great experience for adventurers in any case.

Checkerboard Mesa
The entrance fee to the national park is 30USD, with the purchased ticket you can stay 7 days in the national park. The Checkerboard Mesa is located at the east entrance of the park. A table mountain with a height of 2033 meters. The mountain is one of the park’s most popular sights. Checkerboard Mesa consists of Navajo sandstone and is unmistakable due to its chessboard-like furrows. These furrows were formed over time by erosion.

Breathtaking natural spectacle
After our stop at the Checkerboard Mesa we continued along the red asphalted road. So that the road fits into the picture, all roads in the national park were red asphalted. Before we arrived at the Zion Canyon Lodge, we made some stops where we took the following pictures. Which once again show what nature is capable of. If one looks at the rock formations and the strong colours, one has the feeling that a stonemason would have put his hand here.

Zion Canyon Lodge
At Zion Canyon Lodge you will find a hotel, souvenir shops and a restaurant. From here you can take part in numerous hikes or explore the area with the free shuttle buses. If one arrives by car, it is possible that one does not get a parking place anymore, as these are usually already occupied in the early morning. Alternatively, you can park in Springdale and take the shuttle bus to Zion Lodge.

Tips and worth knowing
The National Park is open 24 hours a day all year round.
For USD 30 you get seven days admission.
If you plan to visit several national parks you can buy the American the Beautiful Annual Pass for USD 80.
With this annual pass, up to four people have access to all state national parks.
Parking is available directly at Zion Lodge or in Springdale.
In the park there is a free shuttle system that can be used as often as you like.
The most beautiful travel season with pleasant temperatures is from May to September.

The Zion National Park was the last stop of our USA West Coast round trip, before we went to Las Vegas another time. Altogether we were on the road for 16 days and covered countless kilometres. We saw a lot and experienced breathtaking moments. On this trip I learned a lot about nature and was several times just speechless and close to tears. I didn’t get a single day out of amazement on this trip and I am incredibly happy to have experienced all this. If you have the opportunity to travel to the USA, then you should definitely visit the West Coast.


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