I’m taking you on a very special journey. A round trip through the west of the USA. The roadtrip through the west of the USA was a big dream of mine and it became an unforgettable experience. On this trip I was able to meet so many great people, see so many beautiful places and experience so many special moments. Also one of the most beautiful moments of my life I have experienced on this trip, what exactly that was and what other adventures I have experienced, you will learn here and in the following travel contributions. I would be delighted if you would accompany me on this journey.

I believe for all of us that there are certain countries that one absolutely wants to travel and explore. America has been on my list for a long time. Despite everything, this trip was rather a spontaneous decision, after I have seen a great offer, we had to strike. We booked a guided tour, so we didn’t have to worry about routes, accommodations etc. ourselves. We had first thought about doing a tour on our own, but finally we decided for the guided tour. Since it is simply much more relaxed and there wasn’t much difference in price, there was no other option.

The flight to America was very exhausting as we had stops in Munich and Houston Texas before we arrived in Las Vegas. With waiting times we were altogether 24 hours on the way, which was more than enough. After our arrival in Las Vegas we were brought to our hotel. Already at our arrival we were totally blown away by this breathtaking city. You have your ideas of Las Vegas, but when you really get there, they are surpassed many times over. It is all indescribably gigantic not to put it into words and not to capture it with pictures. Despite everything I try to give you some impressions here.

Travel Diary Las Vegas
Las Vegas is the largest city in the US state of Nevada with a population of approximately 615,000. It was founded in 1905 as a railway city and since then has recorded very strong population growth. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Las Vegas attracts about 40 million tourists annually, most of whom enjoy the countless casinos. But the tourist rush also has its disadvantages. The desert city obtains 90 percent of its water and drinking water from Lake Mead. But due to the growing population and the tourist rush, the water level has already dropped by more than 30 meters, which has already led to water shortage.

In our four days in Las Vegas we have seen and experienced a lot. On the day of our arrival we took a closer look at our hotel Circus Circus. It is located directly on the Las Vegas Strip and has several pools and its own amusement park with roller coaster on the top floor. Huge casinos can be found in almost all hotels and one is tempted to spend one’s money around the clock. I don’t believe in gambling at all, because it’s too bad for me to lose every cent I could lose. But in Las Vegas even I had to play a few games. 😉

On the other days we were on the strip to explore the other hotels. Our tour guide told us to use the bus, because the distances are hard to estimate. But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t enforce my will. So of course we went on foot to see more of the surroundings. But thanks to a circulatory collapse, I was quickly taught a better lesson. From our hotel to the next it was a walk of half an hour and that with 40 degrees. The distances in Las Vegas are so extremely deceptive and one underestimates the danger by the heat. I don’t need to mention here that we only went by bus during the next days. 😉 The Deuce is a bus line that goes along the Strip all the time, so you only have to wait a few minutes for the next bus. You can’t get any faster or more practical in Vegas. But in this case, one has to like crowds, as the buses are completely stuffed down to the last corner. Those who have fear of contact or claustrophobia should avoid these buses in any case.

Hotel Venetian
The Las Vegas Strip is home to the largest and most luxurious hotels and casinos in the world. Many hotels are experience hotels, whose design follows a central theme. There is, for example, the Hotel Venetian, in which the most famous sights of Venice have been reconstructed. It is the largest hotel in the city and with over 7000 rooms the second largest hotel complex in the world. Thus, it is possible to sail with the Gondolieri through the canals on the first floor or to have a coffee at the Piazza San Marco. And all this inside a hotel! By the painted sky one has the feeling to be in the open air and to stroll really by Venice.

Hotel Luxor
The Hotel Luxor is a hotel in the form of a 107 meter high pyramid including giant Sphinx statue in the style of ancient Egypt. It has 4400 rooms, which can be reached by diagonal elevators. An architectural masterpiece for me.

Hotel Paris
The Hotel Paris, in front of which stands a 164.6 metre high copy of the Eiffel Tower. The most architectural aspect of the whole is that one leg of the tower breaks through the ceiling of the ground floor and comes to stand in the middle of the casino.

Hotel Bellagio
The Hotel Bellagio is famous for the Fountains of the Bellagio, the world famous water show with water fountains to music. You can admire them every day.

Hotel Mirage
The Hotel Mirage. Until 2003 Siegfried & Roy performed in this hotel with their show. Since 2006 shows of Cirque de Soleil are running the show Mystique I had to watch of course and I was extremely enthusiastic and totally fascinated by the artists. It was really an unforgettable experience. The hotel has window panes that were dyed with gold dust. At dusk an artificial volcanic eruption takes place regularly in front of the hotel in the evening hours, which is simply gigantic.

Hotel New York New York
The hotel New York New York in the style of the skyline of New York City. A replica of the Statue of Liberty is also one of the building elements. Inside the hotel there is also a shopping mall and around the hotel there is a roller coaster with two loops.

Tips and worth knowing
Our tour guide has given us some very important tips which I would like to pass on to you.
If you are planning to travel to Las Vegas and use your time wisely, you should definitely pay attention to them.

The casinos: In the casinos in Las Vegas there are no windows and no daylight. Also clocks one searches here in vain. This serves to deceive the guests so that they have no sense of time, stay as long as possible to play and thus leave as much money as possible. In some casinos, oxygen is continuously pumped into the rooms to keep people awake for as long as possible. It is very important to set yourself a time limit here. But not only that, you should also urgently set yourself a limit as to how much money you are willing to lose. 😉 Because here the saying really applies: The bank always wins!
The pool landscapes: If one has several days in Las Vegas at the disposal, one should take oneself also a little time for Wellness. Some hotels have beautiful pool landscapes. The entrance is actually permitted only to the hotel guests, however, if one insures the Security at the entrance a round Poker at the pool to play, one is also already in the middle. 😉
Tickets and admissions to shows: If you plan to watch a show in Las Vegas, which I would absolutely recommend to everyone. Can you really save a lot of money online in advance? So it pays to look for interesting shows at home in advance.
Time for the Las Vegas Sign: The Las Vegas Sign is one of the photo hotspots at all. Of course I also wanted to take a photo of it. You have to plan more time for it, because there is always a huge crowd of people who all have the same plans. We chose a not very nice day because we hoped to meet less people there. Nevertheless we had to wait an hour until it was our turn.
The Deuce: In order to get the cheapest and most comfortable way, you should buy a 3 day ticket for The Deuce Bus. This ticket costs 20 dollars and you can get on and off as often as you want. Compared to single fares, you can really save here.

My conclusion: I am really glad to have seen Las Vegas once. It’s a breathtaking city where you can experience a lot. It never gets boring here. 😉 Since we only had four days available, we really used every day to see as much as possible. To see everything, you would have to stay here for several weeks. For me personally the four days were enough. For gamblers it is definitely paradise on earth.

My next contribution leads us to Death Valley, one of the hottest places in the world. I would be happy if you would join us again.


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