Sure, a wedding involves a wedding dance. To make it as beautiful as you want it to be, here’s a little guideline.

The yes-word is given, the bridal hairstyle is in place, all friends and relatives are there and the celebration location is simply a dream. What comes now is clear: the opening dance of the bridal couple. Romantic, tightly entwined, to a song that unites the lovers. Oh yes, everything sounds so beautiful in theory. And only those at least want to do without the most famous of all wedding customs. We’ll give you practical tips on how to make the wedding dance beautiful in practice.

1. choose the right dance style
It doesn’t always have to be a slow waltz. If you feel safer with a Discofox, then go for it! If you like it a bit more extravagant, you can do a casual freestyle or a self-studied choreography like these two:

2. take a dance course first
You have never attended dance schools before and never really danced like that? Then it’s time to learn it! Wedding dancing will certainly be easier if you take a basic dance course in preparation. Doesn’t have to be a big package – two, three dance lessons – fits! Any dance muffle can hold out. Many bridal couples also take a special dance course in which they specifically learn the wedding waltz.

3. choose the right song for the wedding dance
Very important! Because only to the right song you feel really good as a bridal couple. Techno? Challenging! Rock? Yes, why not? Sinatra? That also works! Make the wedding dance EUREM dance – with a song that connects you. You don’t have THE same song – or you can’t really dance to the songs you come up with? Then here are a few suggestions for you:

Ed Sheeran – Perfect
The Best – Silver Moon
All of me – John Legend
Can’t help falling in love with you – Elvis Presley
When a man loves a woman – Percy Sledge
I’m yours – Jason Mraz
Que Sera Sera – Doris Day
Not a centimetre – Clueso
Because I love you – Westernhagen
She’s the one – Robbie Williams
Marry you – Bruno Mars
My Destiny – Lionel Richie
To us – Andreas Bourani
Everybody needs somebody to Love – The Blues Brother
Genuine – Glass Bead Game
Wedding planning is everything! Whether for the registry office, the wedding ceremony or the opening dance of the celebration – we have even more wedding songs ready for you.

4. practice, practice, practice!
The be-all and end-all. Because only who is prepared, puts down a beautiful wedding dance. So practice your couple dance a little in the living room before the wedding – then it’s all the more relaxed to dance in front of an audience.

5. simply overplay mistakes during the wedding dance
The sweetheart is stepping on your toes? You have taken one step too much? No problem at all! You are not professional dancers and will not be judged for your wedding dance by Joachim Llambi. Mistakes happen on the dance floor, you can simply ignore them. No matter if you have a waltz, discofox or freestyle mistake – keep dancing as if nothing had happened – hardly anyone will notice it!

6. create atmosphere
A great atmosphere is important for wedding dancing. Whether you create a romantic atmosphere with the waltz or put the guests in party mood because you create a cool choreography – at best your dance touches the audience. So if you burst out laughing at the waltz, it’s rather counterproductive. Likewise, when you look at the freestyle like seven days of rainy weather. However, you should also be aware that the dance is primarily for both of you – you don’t have to please anyone and shouldn’t put yourself under too much pressure. Make yourself clear: The moment belongs only to you two! Just enjoy your wedding celebration.

7. Do not feel compelled
You’re not dancing bears at all? Not bad either – just leave out the wedding dance. You don’t have to hold on to traditions with all your might. It is YOUR day and you can arrange it the way YOU like it.

You will see: Whether wedding waltz, Discofox or no opening dance at all – your wedding will surely be dreamlike. And so that you can get even more inspiration, have a look at our Pinterest page!


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