Do you find classic wedding photos boring? Then we would have something for you: “Wedding Attack” is a wedding photo trend, where you will surely rather cry from laughter than from romance …

Romantic, classic, good – sometimes with a pinch of kitsch. The bride and groom kissing at the altar. The groom putting the ring on his bride’s finger. The newlyweds, conjuring up their wedding dance on the floor or laughing at the best man’s speech. This is how we know and love them: typical wedding photos.

After all, the most beautiful day of your life is so great and special that you only want to expect the photographer to put his camera on it and capture all the wonderful moments with it. Well, only then the framed memories might seem a bit interchangeable. You can’t care – but it’s not always everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why the most beautiful and creative wedding photos are awarded year after year and unusual trends emerge every now and then. One of them is called “Wedding Attack” and is certainly not only funny to look at …

Wedding Attack: That’s what it’s all about

On Wedding Attack photos, it looks like the wedding celebration is being crashed by some special disaster. Zombie invasion, dinosaur visit, giant pug visit. Of course, the catastrophe is conjured into the picture in the background during post-processing. But in order to create a cool, halfway realistic impression, bridal couple and guests have to play along and for example run away or otherwise panic and react.

According to “Boredpanda”, the trend goes back to photographer Quinn Miller, who had his clients Katie Young and James Lowder’s wedding ceremony mixed up by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Since then, at the latest, there have been no theoretical limits to the imagination in Wedding Attack photos. From Star Wars to Jurassic Park to Planet of the Apes – what thriller do you think of when it comes to wedding …?


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