Great love! The silk skirt has shot from zero to one hundred into our fashion heart. We will show you how to style the trend skirt correctly and what you should definitely consider when buying it.

We love basics in the closet! Whether the little black one, the oversize shirt or the blue jeans – without these standard parts nothing works for us. But as versatile as the fashionable evergreens can be styled, they rarely really make our hearts beat faster. With some It-Pieces, however, it looks a little different. So the mega hip silk skirt just manages to catapult us into the seventh fashion heaven in no time at all.

But who could resist this fashion darling? The shiny material gives every look an extra portion of elegance and looks unbelievably feminine. By the way, real fashionistas rely on the mid-length version, which conjures up endless legs in no time at all. And don’t panic, because now you might think that a silk skirt would exceed your hard-earned budget. The big fashion chains currently have all the low-cost satin alternatives in their range that are in no way inferior to their silk counterparts.

We are in love with shock ๐Ÿ’– The silk skirt is the most beautiful it piece of this summer.
We are in love with shock ๐Ÿ’– The silk skirt is the most beautiful it piece of this summer.

The silk skirt – a real all-rounder
So it’s always worth buying – and you have an easy game when it comes to styling. If you like it elegant, combine your skirt with a trendy wrap blouse or a light summer knit sweater. Add to that some filigree sandals with kittenheel – et voilร !

But even those of you who are on a casual trip don’t have to shy away from the silk skirt. Quite the opposite, because especially with skilful style breaks such favorite parts come out big! That means: Who styles a cool oversize shirt and a few sneakers to the elegant silk skirt is absolutely right.

Pastel’s the trump card!
Styling is allowed, which pleases and also with the color there is not much to consider this summer. From gaudy to soft – the silk skirt hangs in almost all shades of the rainbow scale in the stores. But if you ask us, the good piece comes into its own especially in pastel sorbet colours – delicate pink or pale money cry out for summer, don’t they?



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