In a world that changes dramatically day by day, evolving in every corner and in every domain, it is only natural that original solutions in design and architecture must meet our needs in order to be considered.

In response to these radical changes in the needs of residents and the global economic trend, Snaidero , an Italian kitchen manufacturer in collaboration with architect Pierro Arosio, began looking for an accessible solution that was easy to design, adapt, buy and inhabit.
The kitchen unit was presented at Eurocucina during the Milan Furniture Fair 2012. The main part of the kitchen unit is designed for a modern, compact living room and consists of a cantilever module available in two sizes of 90 cm and 120 cm. The multinational area offers space for the basic functions of a kitchen: preparation of food, cooking, eating and washing.

According to the Snaidero, “Board specifically aims to provide an industrial solution for development in the contemporary housing sector, which tends to increasingly propose and build compact environments, common spaces with freely configured interiors that are bright and open, without functional limitations and geared to new levels of environmental quality. Snaidero’s solution reflects a concrete design concept that offers excellent aesthetic and functional solutions, yet is tailored to the limited space requirements that require flexible and highly adaptable industrial solutions.

The design concept of Board can be summed up with a payout “Smart Kitchen, Smart Home”: a profound reflection with the aim of improving the quality of housework thought a beautiful and functional project, designed with a design flexibility able to change any space and use as changeable is the current young lifestyle. “

Homesthetics Conclusion

Nowadays it is really hard to create a big kitchen and to be honest, it is even harder to live with it, the bigger it gets, the more you have to clean after cooking. And this rule applies to almost every room in the house.
Who says that a decent apartment can’t have high-end solutions?
Who says it’s not worth it?


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