Whether stripes, dots, Vichy checks or large flower prints: Patterns are everywhere. These streetstyles show how beautifully the different prints can be combined with each other.

That’s how beautiful pattern mix is! inspiring streetstyles

The outfits on the catwalks of this world make it clear: The pattern mix is hip like never before. Whether coats, skirts, dresses or trousers – everything is now decorated with patches, stripes, ethnic patterns or diamonds. But many ask themselves when they see the designer pieces how best to combine them in everyday life. Because not all pattern mixes are the same. If combined too wildly, the look can quickly become overloaded and untidy.

This is how to style the pattern mix correctly:
Anyone who wants to slowly approach the trend should first pick discreet clothes. That means it doesn’t have to be the maxi-skirt with flower print combined with a logo shirt and XXL blazer in ethno style. It’s best to start with a patterned dress or trousers and combine an accessory with another pattern. This creates a break in style that doesn’t catch the eye at first glance. So you can become more courageous step by step.

We have put together the most beautiful streetstyles in the pattern mix for you in our gallery above. You will notice the following rule of thumb: So that the outfit looks harmonious despite pattern mix, the colors of the different patterns should be found in each garment. You still have no idea how to create such a look? Then click your way through our photo gallery, in which we have put together many entry-level variations.

That's how beautiful pattern mix is! inspiring streetstyles

The most important tip is to mix simplistic patterns with more complicated ones. If you figure out how to do it the right way, you’ll look effortlessly stylish.


That’s how beautiful pattern mix is! inspiring streetstyles

I hope that helps! You have to be a little brave about fashion. Here are some that are starting to become more playful and take more risks.



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