For the sake of your skin, you should take care of the sun responsibly. In the following we want to bring you closer to the biggest mistakes with the topic sun protection.

Repeated application
The opinion is often expressed that repeated application prolongs the protective effect. This is simply wrong. the sun protection factor of your sunscreen applies 1 time per day.

Apply particularly thickly
Even this does not increase the sun protection factor nor does it prolong the time the protection time.

No sun visible
Even if no sun is visible (through overcast skies), a massive sunburn can be triggered. The radiation intensity decreases by about 30%.

Cold – no sunburn?
“When it’s cold outside, it doesn’t go so fast with sunburn.”
Wrong! Cold even increases the effect of UV-B radiation by 25-50%!

Water – sun protection?
Unfortunately the opposite is also the case here. Water softens the cornea and makes it more translucent. When snorkeling and diving, it is best to put on a T-shirt. By the way, strong sweating does exactly the same thing as water. Therefore our tip to all sports and water lovers: UVauderm Gel

A T-shirt for sun protection?
a white T-shirt reduces the sun intensity by about 10%. Please apply cream first and additionally protect yourself with a T-shirt.

Shadows – you don’t get sunburn there
In the shade you get a healthy tan, which also lasts longer. But that also means that when the daily maximum possible duration of sunbathing is over, you have to get out of the direct sun and the shade.

Window panes and the sun doesn’t stand a chance
Even window panes do not offer 100% protection. Babies and toddlers in particular are often exposed to the sun behind the car windows for a long time during holiday trips. Please also think of sun protection here.

1. principle: know the radiation of the sun

The sun’s rays are largely absorbed or reflected by the ozone layer and the earth’s atmosphere. The radiation that reaches the earth’s surface and thus our skin is subdivided into UVA/UVB radiation.

2. the effects of the light spectrum on the skin
Acute and chronic damage such as sunburn, sun allergy, Mallorca acne, connective tissue damage, skin aging, wrinkling, loss of skin elasticity and of course skin cancer.

3. choose the right sun protection
The right sun protection must meet the following requirements:

Protection against UVA and UVB radiation A sunscreen product should contain the following ingredients: UVB filters, UVA filters and pigments. Sunscreens containing only UVB filters have the disadvantage of eliminating the skin’s natural early warning system, sunburn.
Reliability of the filter system: heat and light stability
Under the influence of solar energy, many filters are degraded and lose their effectiveness.
– Special properties for your special protection against solar allergy:
– extremely high sun protection factor or sun blocker
– for sports activities, frequent bathing, children: a high UVA and UVB protection with high water and sweat resistance
– for Mallorcan acne, for oily skin: gel free of grease and emulsifiers

4. special features for children
Since the protective mechanisms in children are not yet as developed as in adults and the risk of cancer is directly proportional to the sunburn experienced, you as parents can contribute a great deal to the health of your children. Because three sunburns in childhood increase the cancer risk threefold. Sunscreen products for children must meet the following requirements:

High sun protection factor (25 or more)
Protective effect in the UV-A and UV-B range
moisturizing and caring properties
without preservatives
optimal filters are micro pigments


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