These summer salads are real main courses to fill your stomach with! And the recipes are so creative that they leave nothing to be desired.

Summer tastes like this: Light salads

On a warm summer evening still turn on the stove and cook elaborately? Better not. Summer salads are the ideal light snack for hot days. Freshly prepared, only the crunchy ingredients that summer gives us come into the salad: fresh fruit and vegetables, often in combination with fish, chicken or pasta.
The classic summer salad is of course a simple creation of tomatoes and mozzarella. It doesn’t take much more than such a simple tomato salad to be happy on such an evening. A simple dressing of olive oil, salt and pepper – and we are completely satisfied. How about our spaghetti salad, for example?

If you want to spend a little more time on the summer salad, there are practically no limits in your imagination. Cut open a fresh avocado, work with mango and papaya, fresh berries, crunchy beans, mixed salads – there’s plenty of recipes to beautify your summer. One of our favourites is the strawberry cucumber salad with prawns. It combines the fruity acidity of the berries with the sweetness of the prawns and the delicious freshness of the cucumbers. This is how summer tastes!

Mediterranean salads for the holiday feeling
Also very aromatic: the wild herb salad with chickpea balls. The balls are prepared with rosemary and lemons, giving them a full aroma reminiscent of warm summer evenings in Tuscany. And we can’t resist this recipe for a Mediterranean summer salad either: Tomato bread salad. Shrimps, pine nuts and parmesan meet crunchy lettuce and ciabatta bread. So the light dinner is also really delicious.

Especially popular at the moment: delicious salads combining fresh fruit and vegetables. Our melon-blackberry-feta salad is the best example of this. The cucumber and mint make the salad wonderfully refreshing, the feta ensures satiation. But not only vegetarian summer salads are a pleasure: Fish and seafood are also ideal for light salad creations. Whether salmon, scallops or crayfish – what you like goes in the salad. That’s culinary holiday anticipation!

3 MUST TRY Summer Salad Recipes!

I’m sharing 3 easy and healthy summer salads that I have been completely obsessing over all Summer and can’t wait for you to try them out for yourself!

Keep salads simple and fresh to work them into your healthy diet. Choose almonds instead of the buttery croutons and add fresh fruit instead of the bacon bits.

These salads are fresh, delicious, and full of flavour. They’re great as a side, or you can chomp them down on their own! Let use know your favourite in the comments



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