The rose wedding is usually celebrated big – and rightly so! We show you beautiful gift ideas, sayings and give you inspiration for your outfit!

Importance of the Rose Wedding

The married couple celebrate a rose wedding on the 10th wedding anniversary (here you can find an overview of the wedding anniversaries). Why roses? Roses as a symbol of love would fit to every wedding day. But roses are not only a romantic picture, with their thorns they are also symbolic for the challenges of the married couple in the past ten years – which they mastered together.

Rose wedding: the customs

A common custom for the rose wedding is to decorate the entrance door of the jubilant couple with a wreath of roses. It is also a tradition that the husband gives his wife 10 red roses (the other way around, of course, it is also possible πŸ˜‰). It is also a custom to plant a rose tree in the garden.

Rose wedding anniversary: the cake

The 10th wedding anniversary is usually the first anniversary to be celebrated larger. A delicious cake is a must – and of course it is decorated with roses! Here you can find two nice ideas for a cake for the rose wedding:

Rose Wedding: Gift Ideas
At a rose wedding gifts with the symbol of the wedding anniversary are common, that could be:

rose liqueur
rose bush
Crockery with rose motif
Candles with rose scent
Textiles with rose motif (tablecloth, pillows, bed linen)
Banknote made as a rose
Rose box (preserved roses)
Homemade chocolate with edible rose petals
Homemade soap with rose petals
Gifts without rose symbol
Personalised champagne or wine glasses
Red vase with bunch of flowers
Personalized candle
Reading a self-written poem
gift of money
Gift ideas for the couple to each other
Bouquet with roses
Jewellery made of rose quartz
Perfume with a touch of rose
gift of experience
What rose wedding dress?
What am I supposed to wear to the rose wedding, you ask yourself? The rose wedding is often celebrated larger, with family, friends, acquaintances and neighbours. With such a beautiful anniversary, a festive wardrobe is appropriate. Depending on the dress code you want, it can of course be more casual or chic. We have put together some nice outfits with dresses & Co. for you.

Rose Wedding: Sayings and Poems
You’ve found the perfect dress and gift, now all you need is a matching saying or a beautiful poem for the greeting card. Let these ideas inspire you:

“Marriage is like a rose: it needs a lot of care and attention. Otherwise it withers.” (unknown)

“10 years you’ve walked together through thick and thin – that deserves special recognition. Congratulations on the rose wedding!” (unknown)

“Ten years have passed since you went down the aisle. Time flew by, now it’s time again: We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts and light the colorful candles, wish you with many roses a new wild love roar! And if once the thorns disturb you, don’t let them beguile you. For truly, you are a great couple – so stay cheerful year after year.” (unknown)

“Ten years, a proud number!

Accept the bouquet of roses.

Like your happiness of love so beautiful,

the flower queen also blooms.

No rose tree is without DornΒ΄

even if you don’t like it.

And a marriage without worry,

gibtΒ΄s not in this world.

May the rose continue to be with you,

a noble sign of love.

Just like the flower queen,

shall blossom you,

happiness for all time.” (unknown)

“After ten years of marriage:

The anniversary of the Rose is celebrated.

There you look back on life as a couple

and he realizes: I almost pissed my pants!

But without thorn’ there is no Ros’

even if you don’t like it.

And a marriage without a sorrowful lot,

There’s nothing like that in this world.

A decade ago they united,

I haven’t given up yet.

Laughed together and not a little cried,

you want to continue to live your marriage.

Therefore the rose is like a symbol.

And not only, one wants to look at it,

I suppose one remembers the words already spoken:

I will love, honour and respect you.” (Susanne Pilastro)

And when the beautiful celebration is over, the couple can look forward to the coming marriage years – and to the silver wedding anniversary and the golden wedding πŸ˜€.

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