Mountains and Jungle
Day 7: Chamarel and Waterfalls
If we are already in the south, we do not miss the 7 colour earth and are not disappointed. The changing colours of the rocks, the atmosphere around the waterfall as well as the touristic infrastructures convince us completely. After a fresh fruit juice in a lounge chair with a view of the rocks, we head back north.

On and under water
Day 8: Boat trip to the 3 North Islands Point de Mire, Île plâte and Île Gabriel
The absolute hammer trip! For about 500 Euro we charter a motorboat with Samir, the Captain, who brings us quickly but safely across the open sea. We pass the Point de Mire to Île plâte, where we can refresh ourselves in the turquoise blue water. This is what paradise looks like! Opposite is Île Gabriel, which is besieged by tourists in catamarans. Therefore we prefer to go back to snorkel down at the impressive rock of the Pointe de Mire. Even without diving goggles you can see a lot of fish and the water is clear up to 20 meters. The kids were thrilled!

Day 9: Diving and Forced Relaxation
While the boys are diving, I’m forced to lay still today. A middle ear infection plagues me. Here’s just this: The medical care in Mauritius is 1A, better than in Switzerland. That’s what it means: I call the medical center (private medical center in Grand Baie), the doctor is 45 minutes later at my door. Examines me (ouch!) and prescribes me exactly the medication I received for the same thing in Switzerland. Costs: approx. 100.-.
Meanwhile the boys are on the way with the Padi-Pros of the diving school of the Casuarina-Hotel. Experienced, professional and friendly, they introduce my son to the underwater world, very child-friendly and safety-conscious.
The material is new and of good quality, the boat too, you don’t have to carry anything yourself, but they have staff (for the lazy among you…) who speaks French, German and English. The dive sites – selected according to level – in front of Trou aux biches are obviously worth the trip. According to my husband, who has been diving all over the world, one of the most beautiful reefs he has ever seen. And the New Kid on the Block? Happy as can be!

Since the fridge has yawning emptiness, we set out in the evening to eat in a restaurant. Trou aux biches has some restaurants, even if they are not located at the beach, for this one would have to go to the hotel and what it costs, you read above. Our top tip: “Antonio e Giulia”! As the name already says: not typical Mauritian… But we haven’t had soooo good pasta and seafood yet. In addition to the friendly service and the beautiful decor, we really liked the price of approx. 30.- per person for food and drinks.

Day 10: Relax at the beach of Mont Choisy
Great, long, white beach with lots of shade trees, toilets and wardrobes, all clean, picco bello. Only the fact that we chose the Chinese New Year’s Day to visit the beach doesn’t quite match the expected impression of the beach. It’s extremely cool to hang out at Mont Choisy with locals, music, all kinds of smells (there are whole loads of camping tables and chairs, including cooking utensils and exotic smelling dishes), but of course there’s not much to see of the idyllic paradise beach, which is so famous in many guides. But hey, there’s youtube for that. We had “the real mauritian experience”! 😉

Day 11: Flight home to the cold Switzerland


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