Call me Supermom. Ha! I baked a rainbow cake. I am so proud of myself. It was a spontaneous action and often pragmatic efficiency is the best recipe. Rainbow cake for beginners!
That’s how it happened: Kind1 wanted a rainbow cake two days before her birthday, spontaneously but violently. I googled around a bit and asked Twitter if and how and at all I should do it. Twitter overwhelmed me with recipes, motivation and invisible cape. So I walked into the kitchen equipped as a Supermom and – tadaaa – created the rainbow cake for lazy people.

Because, quite honestly: 6 times bake bases for each color individually? – Exactly. I baked the zebra rainbow cake. For me personally, fruit cakes taste much better – or chocolate cakes with a soft core. But children want decoration, and that’s how this cake can serve. So hepp!

I think my rainbow cake itself is totally great! Only I didn’t dare to use the skill so far. But this recipe is Pinterest-Fail-Proff: It means: succeeds, tastes good and does not stick. For everyone who wants to try out the simple version of the cake: Trust yourself and do it. It can be done. Even I can do it with my two left hands!

Here is the recipe. By the way, I got to the colours so quickly via a friend who had lent them to me for the cake. You can order them from Amazon, either Wilton* or Crazy Colors*. (I had the Wilton colours and can recommend them very much. Very fruitful, you’ll get by throughout your childhood. Use the colors sparingly!)

Recipe rainbow cake for lazybones
The dough is a basic dough, like for a marble cake, but without the chocolate part. It is a very tasty, juicy sponge cake dough.

400 g butter, soft
350 g sugar
1 sachet vanilla sugar
5 eggs
450 g wheat flour
1 pck. baking powder
6 tbsp milk, if necessary more
24 or 26 springform pan. Bake oven at 180 degrees for 80 minutes at top/bottom heat.
Cover the top of the dough with aluminium foil for the last 30 minutes so that it does not get too dark. I had to extend the time from 2x to 10 minutes!

Mix the dough:

All ingredients should be at room temperature. Mix the soft butter in a mixing bowl with a mixer until smooth. Gradually add sugar and vanilla sugar while stirring until a smooth mixture is obtained. Add each egg separately and stir in with a blender to the highest strength.

Colour the dough:

Divide the dough into six equal portions. The best way to do this is to stir before the dough, weigh the bowl in empty and then again with the dough. Then subtract the empty weight from the final weight, is that clear? And now divide quickly in the Kopp by 6. 😉

Then colour the dough. Here I was strongly advised not to buy normal supermarket goods, but either Wilton* or Crazy Colors*.

I stirred in the colours with a hand mixer. Wash off the whisks thoroughly each time before you start a new colour. Also thoroughly rinse the knife or spoon I use for each colour before putting everything in the dishwasher. Because these colours COLOUR! My girlfriend tested it for you: She had dyed all the plastic things the first time.

Then: layer the dough and pour into the mould.

Now the doughs come in layers into the springform pan. I used a 24-er springform pan, but you can also use a 26-er pan. I wanted a cake as high as possible, therefore the 24 form.

I followed the order of the colors in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. Put the dough in the middle and fill the new colour in the middle of the previous one. Unfortunately, I missed the third arm for the photo during the filling, therefore for you finally the final result before baking.

In the end, that’s what it looks like. At first I was worried that the dough would form too big a heap, so I carefully jerked on the springform pan. The dough spreads again during baking, so that the cake is quite even.

After baking, the whole thing looked like this. Rather unspectacular, isn’t it?

After baking, decorate the dough as desired. I took white chocolate icing and M&Ms. They don’t have purple, so you can also use Smarties, they have all colors. I think the M&Ms are brighter.


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