Peppa Pig: saucool Punch and Judy Theatre


Instructions for small Peppa hand puppets in the yellow theatre house.
“Hurrah”, “Sauuuuusier grrrrrrr” and “stupid Papa” were among the first words of Luise 😉 Do you know? Then you probably have a little Peppa Pig fan at home like me. Anyway, I don’t only owe questionable catchy tunes to the cheerful little pig Peppa, but also some cappuccino breaks and peaceful car rides. And often I even watch it myself, because the show is just a good mood.

How to play Peppa Kasperle Theatre
Naaaa, did you get in the mood for handicrafts yet? Then you can start now with my instructions for the little Peppa hand puppets and the matching yellow theatre house.

That’s what you need: First socks / baby socks (I have mine from C&A) A4 felt plates pink and white in 3 mm thickness A4 felt plates in the colours black, white, purple, pink, pink, red, blue, yellow and green for 1 mm thick clothing Shoe box or similar large box, in addition yellow felt sheet in 50×75 cm size OR directly a yellow box that doesn’t need a cover Filigree hot glue gun and several refill sticks filling cotton 2 cm wide velcro tape white, about 25 cm length white and black Edding, brown felt-tip pen white string scissors nail scissors do-it-yourself knife ruler

Safety note: All craft steps that require the use of a hot glue gun, scissors or a craft knife are of course not suitable for your children, depending on their age.

1.) Peppa Pig’s head make things Take a pink sock and fill it with cotton wool until the shape looks like in the right picture:

Cut out the parts for the face shown here. For ears and eyes use the thick 3mm felt plate, for the rest use the thin 1mm plates.

Now glue all parts with hot glue as shown here. Attach the ears by applying hot glue to the 3mm thick underside and press it down until the glue is dry. This is only a small adhesive surface, but holds bombproof.

2.) Bodies of Peppa Pig make now still these illustrated parts for the body cuts out. For arms, legs and curly tail use the thick felt, for shoes and the dress use the thin felt.

Glue the two dress pieces together on the sides with hot glue and make sure that the hole at the top is big enough for at least one finger. Then put your head into the top of the dress and pluck it from below until it fits. Then fix the dress to the neck with hot glue.

Wrap the shoes around the ends of the legs and glue them with hot glue. Then attach the arms, legs and curly tail to the ears as described under 1.).

FERTIG is your first Punch and Judy puppet: Peppa Pig!

Hold on, almost done. In case you want to make some felt accessories for the figures, you can glue a little piece of Velcro on Peppa’s hand with hot glue. The counterpart can then be attached to the accessories so that your dolls can pick up their favourite toys and items.

3.) Further dolls tinker now tinker all other dolls in the same way. The size of the body parts always remains the same, however the head form of the piglets differs. Just take a look at my following photos. For Mama Wutz’ eyelashes and Papa Wutz’ beard you can use Edding or felt-tip pens.

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4.) Theatre-stage yellow disguise Take now the cardboard lid to the hand and cut out with the handicraft knife a big window. Then use the hot glue gun to cover it with strips of the large yellow felt sheet along the sides and on top of the frame front. Tip: Of course, it’s much faster if you use a finished yellow box directly.

Now place the carton on the yellow felt and put the yellow window as a lid on it. Draw in, where the lid reaches, because only up to this height you should cover the box yellow, so that you can still close it.

Draws around the box its outline on the felt and adds with the help of the ruler starting from all four sides the side parts as here in the right picture. Cut out the shape and glue the yellow felt with hot glue. Caution: Be sure to also cover the underside, as this will later become the front of the cottage. In addition, the two long side parts must be covered with glue as completely as possible, otherwise the felt will come off later when the theatre window is clipped on and off.

5.) Windowing Now rotates the box with the open side down. Now place the windows on the top of the box bottom. Cut four squares from the 3mm felt. Now cut four small squares out of each window with the handicraft knife or the nail scissors as shown on the right. Glue on the finished windows with hot glue.

6.) Make a garland Make a garland of different colored felt flags in the width of your box.

7.) Attach stage curtain Cuts out two squares slightly higher than your stage window. Fold both in a tight zigzag and tie them together with a string as shown:

Then glue the curtains piece by piece with hot glue onto the theatre window. Simply cut off excess fabric afterwards.

8.) Theatre stage now finished Glue on the felt garland and two Velcro strips. One is attached to the underside of the theatre window with hot glue! You also glue the counterpart with hot glue on top of the house roof, as shown in the picture on the right.

The yellow theatre cottage is now READY, which you can easily assemble and disassemble thanks to the Velcro fastener.

On the dolls, ready, go!
With the finished Kasperle Theatre your little ones can now creatively invent and perform their own Peppa Pig stories. And the parents watch comfortably – or of course vice versa 😉

After the demonstration, the Peppa hand puppets can be stowed away in their little box. Bye, Wutz family, see you next time!

Did you like my DIY? Then I am as always very happy if you share it diligently on Pinterest 😉 Show me your own Peppa tinkering and let me know if you are among the winners!