Pasta with mozzarella, basil, dried and fresh tomatoes and eggplant


I invented a pasta dish, yeah. And quite spontaneously, today at noon. Isn’t that how Tiramisu came into being? The cook was missing something and then he knocked everything together and afterwards everyone was thrilled? Yep. Almost exactly like me.

I had no more couscous, but all the ingredients for the following recipe: “couscous with mozzarella, basil, dried tomatoes and eggplant”.

Yes, I know it’s only so mediocre, but I’ve changed the dish a tiny bit and I also really want to be in Mama Maria’s cookery blog parade, so please, let me.

Take it:

because then the kids have something to do and unexpectedly vitamins are eaten.

My recipe

salt 1 eggplant (I only used 1/2 because I know my complaining daughter. But that was too little and too un-vegetable for me, you can see on the photos below. So please take 1 whole.) 1 clove of garlic 5 tbsp oil vegetable stock handful g dried tomatoes in oil 4 basil stems 250 g Mozzarella cheese


Soak dried tomatoes in hot water. Cook the noodles, cut the aubergine into small pieces and sauté in 1 tbsp until it becomes wobbly, later add the finely chopped garlic. (I don’t press it, I make it up to myself, you stink less out of your mouth.) Then deglaze with a dash of vegetable stock. Cut the dried tomatoes into small pieces and let them boil in the broth.

Stir the noodles into the vegetables and add 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Finally, add the mozzarella in pieces and melt briefly. Then fry the pan from the stove and basil, cut into strips and stir in the fresh tomatoes.

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It looked like this to us:

Kind2 ate up everything and said after the first bites “Yummy, Mama. Yummy!” He likes everything and always has a good appetite. Kind1 criticized how it is currently her way. It was clearly too much vegetables for her. Cooking with children should mean: noodles with noodles. But when fresh tomatoes have not touched a hot pan, she eats them with them. Aubergine and mozzarella are unfortunately “bäh” and “kacka”. (Orrr).

I thought it was delicious and would season it with a little chili for the next one, if you’re not afraid of children complaining. The recipe is certainly suitable for Mediterranean noodle or couscous salads. But I also like my great invention as a simple, quick and, if vegetables are eaten, healthy lunch.