If you are constantly looking for inexpensive ways to achieve an instant transformation in your home, try hanging a mirror. Because mirrors are known to have reflective power, they make your room look larger than it is and bring more natural light and additional ambience. You can achieve more impact by hanging them multiple times in your entrance area, foyer, hallway, bathroom and dining room. If you are an advocate of frugal living, the following tips will help you open up your interior spaces with mirror inspiration.

Mirror in the bathroom:
You can easily imagine how beautiful it is to have mirrors on the upper walls of your bathroom. If the bathroom is small, the mirrors reflect the light in the bathroom, pick up the different colors and patterns and make the bathroom appear larger. Instead of a large mirror, you can add more drama by choosing a collection of creatively arranged mirrors.

Corridors and front entrance:
It could be that your hallway is usually dark, even if it is lit on fire. If this is the case, hanging decorative mirrors along the wall will improve lighting by reflecting the lights in the hallway. Not only will the mirrors brighten your hallway, they will also add visual appeal to the room. It doesn’t matter whether your front entrance is very large or small, if there are no mirrors, it may not be attractive. When decorating your foyer, make sure you have a collection of mirrors in different sizes to add beauty and functionality. With these mirrors, while you are able to take a last look when you leave the house, adjust your tie or check your lipstick, it enhances the beauty of this part of your house.

Dining room:
Dining rooms love drama, add mirrors to add reflection and decorative flair. Whether inside or outside, your dining room is the perfect place to add mirrors. Many monotonous looking dining rooms have been completely transformed into stunning rooms with mirrored walls. With this type of decor, the room not only becomes aesthetically pleasing, but also visually doubles in size.

Yes, with mirrors you can open the interiors of your house with great light reflection. You don’t have to live with dark corridors, dreary entrance areas or dreary bathrooms. Use artistically suspended mirrors on the walls to bring daylight and ambience into these rooms. You can make a whole world of difference and at the same time make your house more inviting than it is today with these tips.


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