Yes, skirts in summer are wonderful! But at least as great are shorts! Especially this year’s trend models. Want to bet?

Short trousers have a decisive advantage over skirts: they don’t fly up in every gust of wind! That’s why when it comes down to it and the day demands a lot from you, it’s better to go for shorts. Nothing can slip there.

But before you think about the much too tight and super short jeans shorts from last summer, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You won’t find a trace of them this season. Phew! Instead, the trend is back towards “longer trouser legs”. Thanks to the fashion god!


Let’s start with the Bermuda shorts. They are, as promised, pleasantly long and reach up to the knee. Very good, because that also makes them suitable for the office. Especially in combination with a blazer of the same colour. This look is the summery interpretation of the cool pantsuit that we loved so much in winter. And that’s why we don’t want to do without it in summer. Only in shorter. Of course we’ll make the deal!


We continue with the Jeamuda. If you’re wondering about the funny sounding word, we’ll be happy to solve the riddle. The term is a combination of “jeans” and “Bermuda shorts”. In plain English: knee-length jeans. It reminds us a bit of the cycling shorts that have been covering the legs of some influencers and fashionistas since last season. A trend you had to get used to first, but on the other hand it’s super practical. Maybe the Jeamuda is a better alternative for all those who haven’t been able to make friends with cycling shorts so far.

Paperbag shorts

As you know, the best comes at the end. In this case it is our favourite model of the summer – the Paperbag shorts. Here again a small excerpt from the fashion lexicon: The name comes from the special waist lacing, which leaves some fabric on top. This detail makes it look like a paper bag. Makes sense! And the best: The Paperbag shorts are super comfortable and make a top figure at the same time. No wonder we love them so much! You too?

And because summer is already around the corner, we have put together the most beautiful models for you to shop in.

These Are the Latest Summer Shorts Trends, the Classic and the New!

With temperatures steadily climbing upward and designers offering an arsenal of interesting silhouettes, it’s due time to sit down and decide which style of shorts you and your legs are subscribing to this season. Trends come and go, but shorts will forever be a summertime staple.


The wide legged trend has finally moved to shorts as well! They look great with printed or silk tops and heels.


Not in the mood for rock These are the most beautiful Shorts-Trends 2020
Not in the mood for rock These are the most beautiful Shorts-Trends 2020



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