Wedding dress, veil, bouquet: these things represent the obligatory outfit of a bride – don’t they? Many women now follow a new trend and replace their bouquet with cotton candy.

Cotton candy is actually a relic from childhood. We are only too happy to remember the happy times when we were allowed to spend all our pocket money on the carnival and when we were allowed to eat this candy at the end of the trip. Colourful, sticky, sweet: once you have eaten cotton candy, you will never forget it.

Maybe it’s just the memories you associate with cotton candy. But perhaps a clever Wedding Planner also came up with the gradiose idea of making sure in a subliminal way that the stressed bride can eat nerve food in between.

Since this year, a new wedding trend has been spreading, with bridal couples abandoning the classic bouquet and replacing it with the fluffy dream in pastel instead.



Not only is it easy to equip yourself and your bridesmaids with colourful cotton candy, the trend also looks really great. The results on the wedding pictures are certainly something to be proud of.

At the same time, cotton candy is available all year round – so you don’t even have to ask yourself whether lilies, chrysanthemums, roses or even freesias are in season now. If you like pastel, you don’t have to wait for the peony anymore, but can use light pink cotton candy.

Finally, participants and guests are also pleased when, despite all the excitement or delay – which can happen at a wedding – a sweet tranquilizer is available for the bride and her maid of honor.

This trend is also particularly practical for ladies (and men) who suffer from extreme hay fever. The only downer to the pretty alternative is that in midsummer it could happen that your cotton candy melts away.


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