My second vegan test week was very tasty overall. I have browsed through vegan cookbooks and tried my first recipes, was sometimes very, sometimes only so enthusiastic and found out: I am still no type for a challenge. And: an abrupt change to vegan cooking is not so easy, because: Ouch belly.

Well, first of all the pleasant thing: Cooking is easy and delicious if you choose the right recipes. I tried various smoothies, drinks and mueslis, as well as two different lunches. Most of Attila Hildmann’s Vegan for fit Challenge. Basically tasty, but not everything meets my taste exactly. It’s not unusual with new cookbooks. I really enjoyed the arrival of the cookbook “Vegan for lazy people”. Whether it’s due to the quality of the photos and colours or whether it actually looks so simple: The prescriptions work less ingredient overloaded than with Hildmann and very simply to copy. What I ate can be seen in excerpts below, in the captions I also wrote what I found delicious and what not so much. Reviews of the recipe books follow.

After 2 weeks vegan my first pros and cons list

  • Everything tasty and little complicated in the production, as soon as all ingredients are in stock.
  • My need for coffee has gone down! One day at 11 o’clock I noticed that I haven’t drunk any coffee yet and still don’t urgently need one. Very very unusual for me.
  • I can get up better in the morning
  • I’m imagining myself having a tiny bit more patience.
  • i feel good and eating all sorts of healthy things delights me somehow
    it’s still fun.


  • Too many ingredients are annoying. Especially with Vegan for Fit, the book I’ve tried the most so far, there are countless new ingredients for me. I can’t buy that much all at once.
  • I get stomach ache or digestive problems! (Attentive readers might think I got infected with Kind2, but what he has isn’t contagious.) Digestive problems such as a bloated stomach and farting (yes, that’s unsexy and no, I’ve never fart in my life and always smell like rose water) are not uncommon during a change in diet. Schmöchtedasnot!
    Staying firm, planning ahead and having vegan food with you doesn’t work out.
  • Excursions, afternoons or invitations definitely overwhelm me. I’ve never been good at planning food. Preparing the right noodle couscous or other salad only works so well when one of the children is sick, a job comes in or something normal happens.
  • Sitting in front of a bowl of M&M’s for two hours goes, not reaching in doesn’t go.
    Barbecuing overwhelms me. If I think before barbecuing, “I don’t feel like having a sausage anyway”, at least the sociability thing attacks me. Everyone eats grilled food with salad and I only salad? Also no baguette because there is butter and or milk, egg, something else in it? It doesn’t work.

Whether it is the many vegetables or the light, which is more present even in rainy weather in June than otherwise in the year? It remains to be seen whether vegan really “delivers” so much more energy and mood as one reads.

Cooking effort and ingredients
Yes, even if I don’t have any ingredients when cooking, because the children have eaten the blueberries or the amaranth is gone. I take other kinds of nuts or fruits, but I wonder why I don’t like it so much.

If you google that, many new vegans have digestive problems. This is probably not uncommon in general with dietary changes. Of course salad, raw food with dip or nuts were always on my menu, but not for days in a row in the quantities. Just this week I have tried to get by with little carbohydrates, as the Vegan for Fit Challenge provides. So no noodles, no rice, no potatoes. That together with more nutmeg, soy milk and tofu (soy is a bean), that’s a bit much all at once. That’s why I’m making it longer now. I already left out soy milk, tofu, nuts and seeds on the weekend, but I sneezed more noodles and bread and my stomach is better again.

Sin and ravenous hunger
I “sinned” again this weekend. This time a sausage from the grill, M&Ms and a milk roll with raisins. To be honest, I think that’s totally ok for week 2. What’s with the cramp? Interestingly enough, I don’t miss cakes, chocolate and Co in the week so far at all. That together with less coffee cravings is definitely suspicious! 😉

So what?
I start now test week 3. I will drink in the morning fruit smoothie with little green stuff (not the other way round), sometimes bread, sometimes muesli. Lunch with noodles, potatoes or rice. No more soy products or nuts until the stomach is completely normal again. Then slowly start again with nutmus / nuts. No more: nuts, soy milk, tofu, lots of raw vegetables and hardly any carbohydrates in one day. That was on the day of the super delicious Zucchinispaghetti in such a way and that made starting from early afternoon really Aua.


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