Two personalized money gift ideas for the bridal couple.
Hello dear tinkering fans! First of all, thank you very much for your great feedback on my last blog post about creative wedding gifts! I’m really happy that you liked the DIYs so much. And because it was so nice, I put two more money present ideas on top of it together with LEONARDO today – so that it won’t get boring on the gift table 😉

1.) Wedding balloon with banknotes
The CIAO drinking cup with personal engraving is transformed into a beautiful gift packaging with the help of mini gold beads and a styrofoam ball. The glass basket keeps the wedding gift for the bridal couple: be it small pieces of jewellery or bank note rolls.

Whatever content you decide on – it will be presented in the airy, light and yet solemn balloon packaging 😉

That’s what you need:
Drinking cup CIAO with personal engraving (10% discount with sammydemmy10)
polystyrene ball 15 cm in diameter, e.g. these
golden beads 2-3 mm diameter, e.g. these (for my writing about 300 beads were necessary)
pins gold 16 mm, e.g. these
2 aluminium wire rods gold, approx. 3 mm thickness, 40 cm length
Decorative ribbon with coloured stripes, approx. 70 cm length
Decorative ribbon lace, approx. 50 cm length
golden eyelets for banknotes if necessary
fine hot glue gun, e.g. these
Here’s the deal:
1.) Print out lettering Prints the names of the bride and groom in mirror-inverted script in the appropriate size and cuts out each word individually. Turn the lettering over so that the printed side rests on the ball and positions it in the right place. Now draw the translucent letters with a pointed pencil. The print and the ink now easily transfer the lettering to the ball. Tip: If the names are very long, use a larger styrofoam ball instead of a smaller font.

2.) Now take the golden pearls and pin them down piece by piece along the pre-drawn writing line. This is a bit time-consuming, but it is worth it for the result.

2.) Insert the wire rods The two 40 cm long wire rods now bend in the middle so that they fit into the glass as shown on the right and go almost exactly to the edge.

Put the bent rods crossed like here in the left photo into the underside of the polystyrene ball. It is best to prick the holes with a slightly thinner skewer. Squeeze the sticks a 2 cm deep, so that they hold well in any case. You can still fix the puncture points with a blob of hot glue. Turn the whole thing around and place it in the glass. Now glue the four sticks to the inner edge of the glass with a piece of Tesa.

3.) Attaching decorative ribbons First ties the lace ribbon with a loop around the glass and fixes it with a few spots of hot glue so that it does not slip down. Then you glue the strip tape around the glass with hotmelt up to the bow. If you want, you can also attach the decorative tape around the polystyrene ball.

4.) Fill in contents Now pack your piece of jewellery with a simple white piece of tulle, roll up your banknotes tightly and close them with a golden loop.

Put the gift or the money rolls neatly into the glass basket and READY is your beautiful wedding gift!

2.) Romantic packaging for engraved champagne glasses
The super stylish champagne glasses NONO can also be provided with a very personal engraving: for example with the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date. For this very personal gift, I will now show you an equally personal and loving packaging idea, which will certainly look good on any gift table 😉

That’s what you need:
Champagne glasses NONO (10% discount with sammydemmy10)
Wooden box 6-sided, e.g. from here
golden acrylic paint
toothpick or very fine brush
Gypsophila (mine is colored bought from the flower shop)
two wooden sticks approx. 40 cm length
golden eyelets for banknotes if necessary
wood veneer approx. 5 cm high and 30 cm wide
fine hot glue gun, e.g. these
thin thread

Here’s the deal:
1.) Print a lettering or as in my case the design of the wedding invitation card of the bride and groom and hatch the back slightly with pencil. Cut out the shape and place it on the wooden box. Then draw the shapes with a pointed pencil so that the pencil is transferred onto the wood on the back.

2.) Writing gold paint paint with a very fine brush or a toothpick the form with golden acrylic paint. If you can still see pencil remains, please do not erase until everything is completely dry.

3.) Now take small twigs of the veil herb and glue them piece by piece onto the wooden box as shown below. The veil herb still looks beautiful when dried and lasts long.

4.) Make a banderole Take the two wooden sticks and glue the wooden veneer to the width of the wooden box with hot glue. Draw the names of the bride and groom with a pencil and then repaint the lettering with the golden acrylic paint.

Now glue the wooden sticks with hot glue to the inside of the wooden box and place the champagne glasses inside.

5.) Attaching banknotes If you would like to attach additional banknotes to the floral wreath, roll them up first and close them with golden eyelets as in the first instructions. Then tie them to the wreath with a thin thread.

FERTIG is also the second beautiful money present for the wedding 😉

Do you like my gift ideas? Then I am happy about busy sharing on Pinterest 😉 You are also welcome to post your own craft results under my pin or send me an email – I also like to show the photos now and then on my Instagram channel in my stories.


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