The kitchen island began as a purely functional element, but over time it has also developed a more artistic side, and all sorts of unusual and fascinating designs have been developed. The following kitchen islands offer more than just extra storage space. They are extraordinary design elements that raise the bar to a whole new level.

Not only is this kitchen island quite long, but it also has a sculptural and eye-catching design. Since it is completely white, there are no details that could obscure the magnificent and futuristic shape of this piece of furniture. Most of the counter is a dining table, the height of which is just right. It fits perfectly into this modern house by Iroje KHM Architekten.

If you look at this island, you could easily confuse it with a modern sculpture. It is simple and defined by clear lines and angles and was specially designed for this particular space. This can be seen from the oblique line of the window. The island was designed by project A01 architects for a residence in Freudorf, Austria.

This island is indeed an extension of the kitchen counter. It sits in an unusual angle that allows the bar stools to be used without obstructing access through the door. The idea is interesting and unusual and shows how much a kitchen can be customized, even if it is not very spacious. We found this particularly interesting idea a house designed by the architect Alexandra Fedorowa .

In this case the island stretches out and collapses into a dining table. It does that on a different level and we mean that literarily. There are no legs or columns to support the island and it seems to float because it is attached to the platform. Zoumboulakis Architects designed the house where the island is found and it also contained some other sculptural details.

Instead of being supported by two symmetrical blocks, this concrete kitchen island offers a completely different approach. One side is extended upwards and extends along one of the walls to the ceiling. Due to its location and height, the island is perfect as a globo dining table }.

Although its function is clear, this structure hardly resembles a kitchen island. Its unusual shape, its artistic lines and the fact that it blends perfectly with the rest of the furniture, the walls and the ceilings, without being completely integrated, give it a very special charm.

Black and white are the two colors that define the futuristic Moscow apartment through Geometrix design . The kitchen is no exception, with a minimalist, all white island, complemented by six black chairs that can double it as a bar or dining table.


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