You are not among the lucky ones who have a large open area for a modern kitchen ? How about the circle kitchen? It was designed by Compact Concepts and manages to tackle the problem of small spaces while still responding to functionality and style in a 180-degree rotation concept. It measures only 1.8 square metres and combines all the functions of a normal kitchen: a normal sink, dishes, a microwave, a dishwasher.
But this small package is not cheap: such a circled design will cost you between $ 6,500 and $ 15,000 to get and that does not even include installation costs.

We would like to introduce the patented, original Circle® kitchen range:
“Original Circle®” is an innovative high-tech compact kitchen concept for commercial and private use in cities. This 180° rotatable, functional kitchen design offers all the features of a traditional kitchen with an incredibly small footprint of less than 1.8
Square meters. This lifestyle mini with high-end equipment is tailor-made for the premium living space.
The revolving concept, original Circle® ‘, offers compressed, intelligent kitchen comfort in the smallest of spaces, but with a storage capacity of 12 cupboards and a tabletop length of approx. 10 cm. 3000 mm, equipped with refrigerator, dishwasher, ceramic hob, oven with microwave,
Extractor hood, sink and trash can as a conventional kitchen.
This kitchen creation can be placed anywhere in the room, also space-saving centrically between walls and in angled corners or niches and can be harmoniously integrated into other key living spaces. Equipped with sliding doors, the kitchen work area can be easily hidden.
in open spaces and commercial buildings. Especially for architects and interior designers, the new “room within room” concept opens up new planning perspectives, especially where space is limited.
Thanks to its open style, this kitchen concept is easily accessible and extremely user-friendly. Deep
Cabinets and annoying doors when working are a thing of the past. The contents of appliances and kitchens are clearly visible. Since it is a revolving kitchen, the entire work area can be reached from a sitting or standing position. The round kitchen can easily be taken mobile and without conversion. The original Circle® kitchen is available in various sizes and models.
Facilities: Show apartment, office / foyer and motel. Further special models from the basic concept with different modules can be designed for many target groups without planning effort. In the new era of intelligent compact plants, demographic change, modern lifestyle
and urban agglomeration, Original Circle® as an innovative functional piece of furniture is the perfect solution for CITY LIVING!

The bold colours make this small, compact kitchen particularly attractive and offer an aesthetic side among the functional, practical considerations that should attract you to buy these appliances. A rather expensive one, but perfect for your small spaces.


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