Making your own ice cream is easier than many people think. Great recipes with finesse, from strawberry slush to buttermilk lemon ice cream. And: Everything works even without an ice cream machine!

How can you make your own ice cream at home?
The good news first: It is very easy to make your own ice cream at home. And it gets even better: At home you can make exactly the ice cream you love.

Whether really sweet or less sweetened, beautifully fruity or with lots of chocolate, whether with crispy extras or as exciting new creations – the taste possibilities for homemade ice cream are almost endless. How you can make your own ice cream – with or without an ice machine, fruit ice cream or vanilla ice cream, vegan or with egg and cream – we’ll tell you here.

Our recipes all have one thing in common: they are easy to prepare and not fattening! All recipes are egg-free; cream is the exception, but there’s plenty of extra fruit. So you can give this ice cream to your children with a clear conscience.

The experts from the BRIGITTE test kitchen have an ice-cold ice cream tip: The more sugar in the ice cream, the less firm it becomes, and the cold ice cream tastes significantly less sweet than the ice cream mass. The sugar must always be dissolved so that it can be mixed in better, therefore sweetened with sugar syrup, agave syrup or honey.

Making your own ice cream with an ice cream machine
If you have an ice cream maker at home, it is of course especially easy to enjoy homemade ice cream. The selection of ice cream machines is now very large and they are available in different price categories. Beginner models are already available from 20 Euro, the professional machines are priced at approx. 200 to 300 Euro.

Then simply grab a recipe from our recipe section, prepare the ingredients accordingly and cool them down to 6°C in the refrigerator. The ice cream machine will do the rest for you. Theoretically you can serve the ice cream directly afterwards. If you like it a little harder, put the ice cream in the freezer for a few more hours.

Can you make your own ice cream without an ice machine?
Just because you don’t have an ice machine doesn’t mean you can’t make your own ice cream. On the contrary, with the right recipe and a little patience, it’s child’s play. Here too, the ingredients have to be cooled down again and then come into a cooled bowl, which you put in the freezer again. Now it’s time to wait. After about 2 hours the mass should be frozen. In order to create a creamy consistency, you must now stir it vigorously. Repeat this every half hour until the ice cream has reached the desired creamy consistency. Here you will find the basic recipe for making your own milk ice cream.

An especially quick and easy variation for homemade ice cream is the two-in-one ice cream that Back-Queen Gemma Stafford showed us on her YouTube channel. For this, sweetened condensed milk is mixed with cream. Another ice cream trend that you could make yourself without an ice cream machine: Rolled Ice Cream.

You can make your own ice cream from these ingredients
Not everyone likes the idea of eating an ice cream made from sweetened condensed milk and cream, so there are many other ingredients that can be used to make ice cream:

Make your own ice cream with quark
Quark is an ideal base for homemade ice cream. There is a reason why more and more ice cream parlors are now offering low-fat curd ice cream: It’s quick to prepare, low in fat and rich in protein – making it the ideal alternative to classic ice cream if you want to save calories. Only 88 calories per serving. For the slimmer alternative with low-fat curd cheese, you need:

150 grams low-fat curd cheese
150 grams of frozen fruit as you wish, also several varieties mixed with pleasure
1 tsp honey
The honey provides for a pleasant sweetness, because quark and fruits alone become quite sour. Then mix everything together and stir well. The frozen fruits keep the temperature right so that you can eat the ice cream immediately. Perfect for the Ice Jiper in between, isn’t it?

Making your own ice cream with Greek yoghurt
Greek yoghurt has long been known as the slim food of the stars and it is therefore no wonder that yoghurt is also the inspiration for a figure-conscious variant of homemade ice cream. Frozen Yoghurt is the name of the whole thing and we’ll be happy to explain how it works.

Nicecream: Making your own vegan ice cream
This light, low calorie and vegan version of the homemade ice cream is our personal favourite when it comes to making ice cream without an ice machine. Also for the so-called Nicecream you only need two ingredients.

You need for it:

2 tbsp. vegetable milk of your choice (e.g. soy/almond/rice or coconut milk)
1 ripe banana, left in the freezer overnight
if you wish, you can also add colourful frozen fruits in all variations
Put everything together in the blender and puree well. Because the banana and fruit are frozen, you can serve the delicious Nicecream immediately. This is a low-calorie pleasure without a guilty conscience!


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