Spring cleaning’s over. You’ve turned your home into a sparkling work of art and now you’re enjoying summer days with barbecues and dinner parties. Their children have overnight stays and play evenings. Suddenly you look around and maybe you can’t say your house was once a clean harbor with a pile of books, flip-flops and unopened mail. Summertime is a busy time that makes it easy to let your house go. But there are a few ways you can keep things clean and tidy during these hot months. Namely, storage. Get your living room back in shape with these 15 pieces of living room storage so you can rest next to the pool.

Never underestimate the versatility of a good basket. Perhaps you already have a full pillow and blanket. Store them for colder weather and use your woven piece to hold shoes or library books or the pile of sports equipment that always seems to be outside the door. (about Westelm )

Just on the surface in your living room? Hang this teak shelf above the couch to hold your favorite photos. Or hang it at the height of the side table to hold your guests’ glasses when they come to dinner. (about anthropology )

I’m not sure Moroccan wedding blankets can go out of style. If you already have one for your bedroom, add this gorgeous basket to your living room. (about anthropology )

A touch of marble in any room brings the touch of luxury you were looking for. You can install these marble shelves on a Saturday morning and fill them with your favourite summer decor until the afternoon. (about box and barrel )

It is a fact that lattice boxes are one of the most practical types of memory available . As metal you will simply get the right color and they will fit in any room to your decor. With all the different sizes that you can choose, you can have them for all your living room storage needs . (about Westelm)

If you can get one in the form of a hexagon, do it. This honeycomb shelf is the perfect piece to fill this small empty corner in your living room. Use it for a houseplant or to display all your child’s summer art. (about Urban Outfitters )

I think everyone should have a safekeeping bank. Not only does it make cleaning time a breeze, it will give your living room a nice coffee table or extra seating, depending on where it belongs. (about The land of Nod )

What’s more fun than pompoms? Basically nothing. These baskets have a nice mixture of minimal and family-friendly. Your kids will love it when they have these to help. (about anthropology )

Tissue baskets could be my favorite. They will squeeze into any place you need to put them and usually they will be accompanied by a colorful pattern. Get a few in different sizes for your books and mail and TV remote controls. (about Westelm )

One of the best things about this basket is the interesting pattern. If your home tends to be artistic or unconventional, this is the perfect storage option for your living room. (about anthropology )


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