Since this room normally forms the core of an inviting and comfortable house, the living room decor must be just right. This is where family members spend time together, where friends meet to chat and play board games, where you can relax and watch a movie. Not everyone has the same ideas when it comes to what function this room should fulfil and not all living spaces are the same. In fact, everyone is different in their own way and has elements that make them special and unique.

Finding a suitable design strategy for a living room takes time. Let’s say you want your little living room to look bigger and bigger. There are many possibilities you could take over. The use of large mirrors is one of them.

Another strategy is to emphasize the height of the room. A living room with double ceiling height is definitely an advantage in this case. You can underline this by displaying long curtains and a low-hanging chandelier or pendant. Arent & Hecht had the right idea for the design of this room.

The size and shape of the windows also counts. A living room with long windows almost from floor to ceiling will definitely look bright and open. To emphasize this, hang long curtains flush with the ceiling. Interior designer Marianne Tiegen has taken the maximum advantage of the windows in this case.

In the case of a large living room, on the other hand, things are different. Everything here is on a different scale. A large sofa or cut can be comfortably placed in the middle of the room, complemented by additional accent chairs or even by a separate lounge with its own character.

Stripes are often used to emphasize the shape of a room or to make a room appear larger or larger. One of the strategies is to use a striped carpet in a narrow living room to use its shape and layout instead of trying to hide these elements and perceive them as disadvantages. The team at Disc Interiors offers a good example here.

It is common for living spaces to contain stairs that lead to a loft on another level. If the living room is large and spacious, integrating a sculptural staircase into its design is not a problem. However, if the space is small, other strategies need to be found. Interior designer Lorenzo Castillo chose a compact spiral staircase for this project, a clever and practical idea.

If it is possible, it is nice to connect a living room with its surroundings. This is often done through sliding glass walls or large doors that connect the room to a veranda, terrace or balcony. In this way the room is flooded with natural sunlight and the view also becomes part of the interior design. The same strategy can be used for dining rooms, an idea that is applied here by the team Jennifer Robin interiors .

Another nice strategy is to use the original architecture and design of the house. For example, if you are decorating a living room, you can choose whether you want to explore the ceiling beams, if there is a arched door or window Wendy Haworth did when this elegant living room designed infused with mid-century style.

Mixing and matching styles is also important if you are coming up with an original design approach for a living room. A modern room can have vintage influences. Similarly, a living room can also be defined by industrial elements distributed over its entire surface.

Every living room has its own layout and the interior design must be adapted to it. In most cases the coffee table is located in the middle of the room. Sometimes the living room offers the perfect opportunity to create a cosy reading corner. A comfortable armchair and a floor lamp can completely transform an empty corner. TomMarkHenry suggests this with this charming design.

It’s amazing how much space can affect a living room. The room often feels empty without one. Of course, the type of carpet, its colour, the print and the material it is made of also play a role. Take a nice look at the Sisalla interior design chosen here Bring cohesion into the room.

There are many ways to add color and texture to a living room. One option is to choose a simple sofa and decorate it with different accent cushions. Another strategy is to choose a patterned carpet that has different eye-catching colours in its design. However, the rest of the decor should remain simple, just like this eclectic room by Tatiana Nicol .

Nature inspired interiors are always inspiring and interesting. Finding inspiration in nature may be an easy task, but things are more complicated than they seem. You can choose to integrate a variety of plants into the living room to get that look. This strategy has been partially used here Florence Lopez .

If you want to keep a living room airy and bright, one of the strategies you can use may involve simple furniture such as open shelves. You can combine these with a framed mirror to add depth to the decor. The colour palette should remain neutral and focus on light tones. Martha Mulholland offers an inspiring example.

A double high living room offers numerous design possibilities. Studio Mellone Choose in this case to give the room a large bookshelf over one of the walls. A mobile ladder provides access to the upper shelves. The fact that the room also has an entire wall of windows definitely adds to its charm and drama.

Small living room furniture is best kept simple. Michael Dawkins presents here a white-based design. This opens the room. The white sofa, the armchairs, the coffee table, the carpet and the curtains are complemented by wood tones and the occasion blue and green in the form of wall decor or natural plants.

For a living room to look refined, dramatic and luxurious, certain elements must be incorporated into the design. Rob Mills shows how a chromatic palette dominated by dark blue can have the desired effect. An artistic chandelier and a few gold pieces here and there complete the look.

The idea of placing two identical sofas in the living room is definitely fascinating. These strategies include a decor that focuses on social gatherings and interaction. Instead of the usual cut surface of a television set, the two sofas can face each other and frame a fireplace. Courtney Bishop’s design also adds symmetry to the mix.

A living room can be sumptuous in more ways than one. The colours chosen for interior design play an important role. Shades such as dark blue, purple or wine red can achieve the desired effect. Texture is also important. Velvety fabrics can influence the decor immediately. The right accent details and lighting are also important.

Kara Mann made sure this living room was both casual and elegant. Here you can feel comfortable surrounded by bright colours, comfortable furniture and a traditional fireplace. The design also incorporates elements such as two flexible and elegant floor lamps and a combination of side tables that give the room a subtle vintage industrial charm.

The arched ceiling construction gives this living room a particularly interesting appearance. The three-dimensional beauty of the room is also emphasised by a graphic light and a collection of furniture pieces, each with its own characteristics and individuality. The colour palette is varied but balanced.

Modern and contemporary living rooms often choose the beauty of raw materials and include concrete walls and floors mixed with warm wood elements for a balanced and welcoming ambience. They also often have bold focal points, which in this case are similar to these abstract works of art.

Different colours have different effects on the decor and can convince in combination with the right shapes, textures and designs. Light blue creates a calming and relaxed atmosphere. SJB used it as one of several accent colours, which are brought together in the form of an abstract painting.

A casual living room is often defined by the presence of light furniture, simple and bright colors and the use of simple patterns and shapes. The absence of large and sturdy pieces of furniture makes the dΓ©cor look fresh and airy, while everything else makes the room appear particularly comfortable.

The ceiling is often overlooked. We concentrate so much on the furniture and the wall decoration that we forget this large area, which can easily become the centre of the living room. There are many ways to use a ceiling, either through plastic shapes, vibrant colours, wallpaper or contrasts.

It is known that certain combinations of colors and materials send a certain message. For example, black mixed with gold is elegant and royal. Consider giving your living room black walls and decorating them with gold framed artwork.

Ever considered bringing a real tree into your living room? Clemens Design can show you what such a decor could look like. There are also cases where living rooms are built around large trees that are present on the premises. In both cases, the interior design is unique and natural.

This living room was designed by Meyer Davis has natural light from all sides. When you are exposed to nature, the room can form a strong connection with its surroundings and always feel welcome. The fact that an imposing fireplace serves as a focal point also affects the atmosphere inside.

Bringing natural elements into a living room is a strategy that can be applied to all styles. HeßHown Choose here to use potted plants, decorations are intended to give the room a fresh feel and also add some color to its decor. The white palette would be monotonous without some contrasting details.

The birds hanging from the ceiling are definitely the most striking design feature in the case of the living room of P&T interiors. As you can see, this is also a decor inspired by nature, but the focus in this case is not on green. The full-height windows, however, also provide this part.

A great work of art can wonderfully bring together all the other elements of a living room. Maria Llado’s design is very graphic and unconventional. The room looks very elegant and chic and is at the same time very simple, cosy and casual. The mix of accent colours is refreshing.

A living room can be extended by connecting it to an adjacent balcony, provided the room is protected and not open. The wall between them can be removed so that light can flow freely and more space is available. This strategy can work for a small living room like this.

By exposing this living room to nature and minimising the barriers between rooms, this area becomes much brighter and feels much more spacious, although the two sofas that frame the coffee table occupy most of the space.

Black and white is a popular and timeless colour combination that is often used in living spaces. You cannot go wrong with this combination, regardless of the style chosen for the interior design. A similar result can be achieved with a combination of light and dark colours.

Beige is a beautiful and elegant colour that looks particularly chic when combined with a range of wood accents, especially when the green wall is visible through the glass doors. This whole room, despite its simplicity, feels very cosy and comfortable.

Amber Road The design of this eclectic living room also achieved a beautiful balance. The palette of green and wood, mixed with a traditional red carpet, combines two opposing styles. The decor is modern and traditional, old and new working together to achieve harmony.

Variations of the black and white combination can be created with different pastel shades. A nice example is that of Shapiro Joyal Studio The weak pink nuances used here contrast with the black elements. In combination with the natural wood details they create a feminine and stylish decor.

Fireplaces and fireplaces made of wood give living rooms a unique touch. They can be introduced into modern interiors without disturbing the balance, especially if you want to give the room a charming, unconventional atmosphere. By mixing different materials, surfaces, textures and patterns you can emphasise the desired properties and make others appear less conspicuous.

Wallpapered walls are a suitable design strategy if you want to add a touch of colour or pattern to a room. It is usually used on a single accent wall, but there are also cases where it can take over the decoration. The pattern on the walls can also be integrated into other elements such as the sofa upholstery.

Balance is important, therefore it can come to errors to paint over a certain color. Try to maintain pleasant contrasts in the room. Look at how the new design project managed to play with black and white without overloading the decor in any way.


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