Kunterbuntes money gift to the birth


Sweet hot-air balloon with banknotes in object frame
Today I show you together with PHOTOLINI a colorful-happy gift idea for the undoubtedly most colorful-happy moments in the life of parents. Even if the happiness about the birth of one’s own child cannot be topped anyway – this loving gift of money for the birth will certainly bring an extra smile to the face of the happy parents. After all, it immortalizes what reminds us of the wonderful day of birth.

The colourful, imaginative balloon floats high above the clouds – as a symbol of good wishes for the baby’s life. For a life full of colourful surprises, full of lightness and full of the courage to dream. And on top of that there is realistically a little pocket money for the parents – tons of diapers want to be paid somehow 😉

That’s what you need: Photolini 3D object frame 20×20 cm 2 x A4 sheets Kraft paper, natural, approx. 200 g thin piece of paper or small funnel blue watercolour or watercolour paint thick bristle brush Volume fleece with 1 cm thickness for the clouds, approx. 10×20 cm large small colorful beads small letter stamps, e.g. from here Half of a transparent acrylic ball 80 mm, e.g. from here fine hot glue gun, e.g. these glue stick cream-coloured jute ribbon or other cord (approx. 2.5 mm thick and 40 cm long) scissors grey fineliner pencil eraser banknotes

Here’s the deal:

1.) Background Paint a cloudy sky with blue watercolor on the A4 kraft paper. Save the white areas to achieve the cloud effect. Then cut the paper exactly to the object frame, so that you now have a square background. Now place the dried cloudy sky under a stack of books and leave it under for a few hours so that it is smooth later and there are no waves in the paper. If this takes too long, just use crayons.

2.) Cloud crafting Cuts a cloud cover out of the volume fleece in the width of the background. You can also cut smaller clouds for the upper edge. Don’t glue the clouds on yet, but put them aside first.

3.) Stamp text Next, the personal text is prepared. Stamp it line by line on the white kraft paper and cut out the lines afterwards. Put the lines aside first.

4.) Basket for balloon tinker Now the basket comes to the row. Roll up the 30-40 cm long jute cord like a snail and glue it bit by bit with the hot glue. When the snail has reached a diameter of about 2 cm, build up the height by gluing the string layer by layer in a circle. Then simply glue the end piece inwards.


5.) Place picture elements for view Now arranges all parts as it looks most harmonious. If you are also sure about the positioning of the acrylic ball half, then slightly frame it with a pencil.

6.) Fill balloon with beads Now glue some of the beads with hot glue into the pre-drawn circle. The balloon ball will look filled later, even if the loose balls fall down when the object frame is placed. Then erase the contour of the circle again.

Now pick up the hot glue and quickly apply it to the edge of the ball – but leave out a third of the edge so that the ball has a generous opening when you glue it on. Hurry to apply the hot glue so that it doesn’t dry before you’ve stuck the ball on. Turn a piece of paper to a funnel and insert it into the opening. Now fill as many balls as you like.

Now glue the opening of the ball with hot glue.

7.) Glue picture elements now glues the text lines with a glue stick. Then put rolled banknotes into the basket. (Tip: I used a single banknote and halved its width to create a long stripe. I rolled it from both sides to the inside, so that two rolls were created.) Glue the filled basket and the clouds with hot glue in the right position – if you like, also some colorful beads on the cloud cover. Finally draw four fine lines with the grey fineliner from the balloon to the basket, as shown in the right photo.

Glue the finished image from the inside onto the brown back cover of the object frame for even better grip. Remove the glass pane from the picture frame. Then put on the back cover and the beautiful gift of money for the birth is ready.

Do you like the colorful birthday present? Then I am happy about diligent sharing on Pinterest 😉 You are also welcome to post your own craft results under my pin or send me an email – I also like to show the photos now and then on my Instagram channel in my stories.