Here I have a cute DIY for kids to make for your little ones: a mini-small chewing gum machine made of matchboxes. Also good as a place card or as a present for a children’s birthday party – or simply as a completely unnecessary gimmick for adults 😉 First of all you need my stencils (chewing gum automat_stencils), which you can print out in A4 size. I have made you a pink and a light blue variant – choose what you prefer 😉 It’s important that you print the pages in 100% original size – otherwise they won’t match the standardized matchboxes.

You also need them:

– Scissors
– nail scissors
– glue stick
– all-purpose glue
– small, round sweets with a maximum diameter of 1 cm
– Blank matchboxes in exactly this size: CLICK
– Acrylic balls with 5cm diameter: CLICK

Then let’s go with the miniature DIY for children:

1. Cuts out the front.
2. glue it to the outer part of the matchbox with the glue stick.
3. carefully cut out the inner circle with the nail scissors, so that you also cut out the dotted line! So exactly outside the dotted line along. Only then does the 5cm acrylic ball fit exactly into the hole.
4. also cut out the lower opening with the nail scissors.

5. now take the INSIDE hemisphere of the acrylic ball, which has the recessed groove around it, and make a blob of all-purpose glue on the outside of the protruding suspension piece.
Push the hemisphere carefully into the matchbox and slowly push it out through the hole, piece by piece, until the cardboard is exactly in the recess of the hemisphere and you can press the glue on the cardboard.
Now cut out the silver part from the A4 sheet and bend the lower opening upwards. Glue the upper part congruently to the chewing gum dispenser. Now you can also cut out the back and glue it on and optionally put a name tag on the side. You can also use the pink side parts instead and put a small “Sweets for my Sweet” button with glue on the acrylic ball.

Now insert the inner part of the box again and fill it with a real or fake mini-sweet. READY is your sugar-sweet DIY for kids!

Have fun doing it! Oh yes, I have a little giveaway for you: Namely this illustration of the chewing gum machine for you or your children to print on A4 or A3 (illustration_kaugummiautomat):

Well, goodbye, you playful ones 😉


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