Since my health has unfortunately not been very good in the last few months and I have been very stricken and tired, I have decided to do something good for my body again. Detoxifying my body regularly is very important. So far I have only done this with stinging nettle tea, but it has always been very difficult for me. I never lasted longer than one day, because the feeling of hunger was too strong. When I heard about the Kale and Me 3-day detox cure, I was immediately thrilled. Since I really like smoothies, this detox cure is made for me.

In everyday life I try to eat as healthy as possible, for this reason the healthy and high-quality ingredients were also very important to me here. On the website of Kale and Me you can read where the raw materials of every single mixture come from. The carefully selected ingredients are sourced seasonally from regional growers. The juices are vegan, gluten-free and free of additives. They are gently cold-pressed and never heated to preserve the vitamins. These juices can also serve as a daily source of nutrients. Who knows me, knows that I do not think of food supplements in the form of any tablets or capsules at all. I am there simply for fresh fruit or even in the form of Smoothies or cold pressed juices like one knows it from Kale and Me.

3-day cure with “Amy Almond
The Kale and Me 3-day Detox cure consists of 18 bottles, six of which are drunk every day. Every two hours you drink a different variety. The bottles are numbered, so you always know which bottle is due when.
Two days before the cure one should pay attention to a light and balanced diet in order to prepare oneself optimally for the 3-day challenge and to avoid ravenous hunger attacks. During the cure, juices replace food. Additionally one should drink daily 2 litres water or tea, which would be anyway ideal. πŸ˜‰
I chose Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the juice cure. On these days I always work a lot, have no breaks and therefore no time to eat. So I am distracted enough, on the weekend it would have been even harder for me.

My experience:
The shipping of the juices is super fast, you can also choose a desired date in the online shop on which the juices should be delivered. The juices arrive at my place in a great package and chilled. After unpacking, I immediately read the enclosed cure companion. The juices must be kept in the refrigerator, so I immediately cleared a complete shelf to accommodate them all. The two days before the cure I already had a light and balanced diet, on Wednesday I started.

How I fared during the cure, you’ll find out now:
Day 1
At about 9:00 I reach into the fridge and look for the no.1 “Pamela Pine”. The ingredients pineapple, cucumber, lemon, apple and mint sound very tasty. All juices have a funny name next to the number. πŸ™‚ What first strikes me is that it tastes amazingly sweet. One tastes the cucumber nevertheless very raus, since I like cucumbers very much, I find it however completely Ok.

At 11:00 I reach for the second juice “Catie Carrot” it tastes incredibly delicious and much better than the first one.

When it is at 13:00 time for the next juice, I am not even nearly hungry, which surprises me very much, because I always have to eat something at this time. So at 13:00 I went to number 3 “Al Avoca” and after this juice I am completely saturated, as if I had eaten a lunch menu. At the moment I can’t even imagine drinking the next one at 15:00.

15:00 “Rosy Root” is waiting for her mission. I was looking forward to this juice the most, because it contains beetroot and I love this taste in smoothies. What can I say, I was not disappointed. What I particularly notice in the afternoon is that I run to the toilet much more often than usual. So much liquid has to come out again. Since I unfortunately drink far too little in everyday life, I would also like to get used to drinking more with this cure.

Shortly before 17:00 I get hungry, I reach for the penultimate juice “Kalvin Kale”. I personally like this juice the least and I did not manage to drink it. I notice clearly that I am not used to so much liquid. In the late afternoon I am very tired and have a slight headache, which can occur during this cure if you drink too little water. Unfortunately, I made this mistake on the first day.

At 19:00 I get the last juice from the fridge “Amy Almond”. I drink it throughout the evening. This juice is clearly my favourite. For the first time in a long time I go to bed at 22:00, I am so extremely tired and fall asleep immediately.

Day 2
I’m rested like I haven’t been in a long time. In the morning I feel really good and I am not hungry at all. At 8:00 I open the first juice. I notice clearly that I taste and perceive the individual ingredients much more intensively than the day before. I only manage half of this juice again, because I have the feeling to be completely saturated.

At 10:00 I drink the second juice, “Catie Carrot” is also clearly one of my favourites. There is still no trace of hunger. For the first time I realize how often I eat unnecessarily and out of habit. Even the renunciation of chocolate is easy for me.

It is 12:00 and time for the third juice. This juice also tastes excellent to me today. I still feel good and full of energy.

At 14:00 it’s time for the fourth juice. Meanwhile I feel a little hungry, but not bad. After the juice the feeling of hunger is gone again.

16:00 the juice I like the least is the turn of the day. I decided to drink the rest of yesterday, because I wanted to use it.

18:00 my favorite juice is on the turn, I drink it again distributed over the evening. Today I am not so extremely tired and I feel generally very good.

Day 3
Shortly before work starts at 8:00 I drink the first juice. Also here I drank the rest of the day before. I would not have managed a whole again.

In the morning I get a little hungry, but after the second juice at 10:00 am I am satisfied again. I notice the taste of the juices more from day to day.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to drink my third juice until 13:00 today. This again manages to drive away my hunger completely.

At 15:00 I drink the number four. The hunger is there again and shortly before 17:00 I cook myself a clear vegetable broth. This is allowed if you can’t stand it anymore. In the worst case you can also eat a banana. I skip the fifth juice on this day, I just don’t like the taste at all anymore and eat my vegetable broth instead.

At 19:00 I drink my last juice. “Amy Almond” is my favorite and I am a little sad that it is already my last. Also today I am very tired in the evening and go quite early to bed.

After the juice cure:
The first days after the juice cure you should eat a little more lightly, just like before. Since I was eating with my family on the first day after the cure, I skipped breakfast. I also voluntarily gave up a dessert because my hunger had already been satisfied. The juice cure is also the perfect introduction if you plan to change your diet. Through the regained body feeling this is much easier.

My conclusion:
Compared to tea detox, the Kale and Me 3-day detox cure was much easier for me. I feel fitter, am no longer constantly tired, have more energy and generally a better well-being. The juices tasted very good to me personally with only one exception. My absolute favorite is the number 6 “Amy Almond”.

In the three days of this cure I have sensitized my sense of taste again. Everything tastes much more intense and I could see with closed eyes what I am eating. I have also become aware of how often I simply eat out of habit or boredom. What also totally fascinated me about the whole thing was the fact that I had no desire at all for sweets and I still have no desire after the cure. If you know me, you know that I ate a lot of chocolate before and really needed it every day…

In the nights during the cure I slept better than I have in ages. I would never have thought that this cure would have such an effect on my body. I only became aware of the fact that I was completely wrong about my body and its signals due to the uncontrolled eating. I am really glad to have done this cure and will certainly repeat it. I think it would be perfect for me two or three times a year. But with my next order I will definitely add a pair of “Amy Almond”. πŸ˜‰

I was also totally enthusiastic about the environmentally friendly packaging. The carton was insulated with shrink-wrapped straw, so the juices were super chilled until they arrived at my place. The straw comes from regional farmers and you can use it very well, so also my godfather had some of my cure. πŸ˜‰ You can send the bottles back to Kale and Me for free, where they can be reused. Kale and Me’s philosophy is not only about our health, but also about the environment.

3-day cure with Polly Pumpkin.
The Kale and Me range was expanded last November with the addition of a juice. Now the sixth juice “Amy Almond” can be replaced by the new juice “Polly Pumpkin”. A few days ago I tested the cure with the new juice and would like to give you here a small update.

The new juice “Polly Pumpkin” was originally developed for people with almond allergies. As an alternative to “Amy Almond”. So that people with an almond allergy don’t have to do without the cure. As the name suggests, pumpkin seeds were used as the main ingredient. Pumpkin seeds are a real power food and they are said to have a mood-enhancing effect. Thus this juice can make nevertheless actually only happy. πŸ˜‰ With me it created this anyway. “Polly Pumpkin” is by far my absolute favourite of all juices. It tastes so unheimlich delicious that I must order absolutely supplies. In the future I will regularly try to replace a meal with “Polly Pumpkin”.

My current experiences with the Kale and Me 3-day detox cure
Like last time, I chose a period for the cure in which I was very busy professionally. So I had little time to think about food and was distracted around the clock. Two days before the cure I tried to eat a balanced and light diet, which is also recommended in the course guide.

During the course of the cure I had a much better time this time than last time. I didn’t have any headaches at all, even though I had to struggle with them the days before. This time I didn’t have any real hunger and no desire to steal food from the people around me. πŸ˜‰ It was easier for me to go through the cure, why? Unfortunately I can’t answer that. But I suppose that I was generally in a better condition at that moment. In any case, after all the holidays I was much more motivated to get rid of the kilos that had been fed on.

My current conclusion
I lost a whole 2 kilos of weight in the 3 days, losing 1.5 kilos on the first day. For me, the Kale and Me 3-day detox cure is still the best way to sensitize your body, change your diet and generally feel fitter again.

Did any of you also do this cure? How have you fared?


I love to detox when I start eating healthier or want to lose weight it’s a great reset button for your body and it will thank you later.
These pressed juices are super yummy and easy to make for a 3 day detox or everyday juice. You can also substitute them for
breakfast if you’re not a breakfast eater or want to stop drinking coffee.

Want to test the cure?
If you want to test this cure, you can get the Kale and Me 3-Day Detox cure for € 79,00 in the Kale and Me Onlineshop. With the code fashionladyloves4you you get in addition to your order an extra juice and a jute bag. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments. πŸ™‚



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