My godchild turned 19 in August. But even in old age you are never too old for cartoons. Even I still enjoy watching them and I am definitely over 19.
This year she actually gave me a free hand in choosing the motif for cake and cupcakes. Well, at least in theory. Because two days before my birthday I got a call if I could do something with “Dorie”, the forgetful fish from “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dorie”.

I had to pull myself together to keep from laughing out loud. Because that’s exactly what the plan was for me to find such cute accessories since our Canada vacation last year. And so it was already clear to me before the call that I would do something with Dorie.

The small icing dories on the edge of the cake are from Canada, for example – my food printer did the big fish feeder for me. What would I do without my food printer??
The content of the cake was – as so often – my basic recipe for all kinds of cakes. I extrapolated it to 6 eggs and took orange juice as a liquid. I think it fits so well into a warm summer. The cake was filled and spread with ganache. Because for my birthday of all days, it was great summer weather. Since I still had to transport the cake, a cream filling was simply too delicate for me. Ganache withstands the temperatures quite well to a certain extent.

There were also cupcakes to match the theme of the cake. The baking cups, the pickers and the sprinkles in fish form also came from Canada. But everything was from “Wilton”, so maybe you can get it online here, too.

For 12 cupcakes I reduced my basic recipe to 2 eggs. Milk served as the liquid and I added 2 tbsp cocoa powder to the dough.
For the cream I mixed 2 sachets of paradise cream “white chocolate” with two cups of whipped cream and then added a cup of sour cream and blue food colouring as needed and mixed everything well. Since there are pieces in the cream, I used my biggest star nozzle to inject the tuffs, put the pickers in the top and decorated them with small sugar fish. That was pretty quick and easy, wasn’t it?

This cream withstands heat quite well, but is unfortunately not suitable for fondant (as a tip for those who often work with fondant themselves). The sprinkles lost some of their colour over time. All in all, however, they held up well.
My godchild was satisfied, everyone liked it – what more could I ask for? I am curious to see what awaits me for my 20th birthday.


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