The entrance to your house can be one of the most difficult places to equip. You need a place where you can send letters and keys without wasting a lot of space. Console tables come in different shapes and sizes, but who wants to pay dearly for a simple, narrow table? I’ve found 20 exceptional DIY console tables that won’t blow the bank!

To create a DIY console table design for decorating living spaces This console table is not limited to the space at the front door. You can also use it as a sofa table to make room for light and storage in your living room. Or maybe you have a clumsy room on top of the stairs that only calls for updates. Most of these console tables can also be abbreviated as media consoles for your flat screen TV.

Have you ever had to put anything on the couch without the surface within reach? Maybe you’d like to eat while watching TV, or maybe you’d like to toast while you roll up on the couch with a loved one. You may need to adjust popcorn during a movie or just want to store a remote or your smartphone near you.

Simple DIY console table and sofa table ideas

For this reason, some sofas have their own side tables – sometimes the coffee table is too far out of reach. However, a coffee table is not only intended for practical use. You can also use and place some flowers or other decorative elements, such as family photos, on the sofa.

It is very satisfying to build your own furniture for your home! Whether you connect it to a TV stand, a bookshelf or an entrance switch, this DIY console table is the perfect way to add a little storage space to any room in your home.

Get the exact amount of counting and storage space you need when you create your own console table. This easily adjustable furniture is the perfect accent for the space in your home.


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