Every cooking enthusiast faces daily challenges that normal people cannot understand. Every domain is complex, including cooking. A highly organized contemporary kitchen is crucial for absolutely every chef, even more needed in the kitchens where heavy cooking takes place daily. Everything has to be in place, everything has to be flawless, you have to make sure you have everything at hand, cover small distances between actions and make your environment a more pleasant place.

We have all seen this flawless plate with an exceptional graphic dish on it brilliantly. All these plates should and probably have organized contemporary kitchens to facilitate the process and make it as natural as possible. All tools and ingredients must always be at hand. Among them we have presented some contemporary kitchen designs that we have in stock as very efficient, not to mention aesthetic values. Most of them have a kitchen island that houses a huge number of items. That doesn’t mean you can’t be efficient and organized in a smaller ensemble. Homesthetics presented numerous small kitchen designs with remarkable functionality and great aesthetic values. How do you organize your kitchen? We would love to hear from you.

“The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in the house, which was chosen as the centre of the family business, a place to create, feel and live.

Aware of the relevance of this division, Porcelanosa kitchens design the service functionality and the needs of each user, creating versatile spaces that provide facilities for our daily affairs.

Current design trends mark the introduction of new materials in the various components, worktops, doors or shelves or glass KRION®; as well as the adaptation of designs to the needs of storage and placement, with column areas, tall units and integrated appliances. „


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