“Pure luxury” is the first thing that comes to mind when you enter the large hotel lobby of the Hotel Heritance Negombo. If you are looking for luxury, relaxation and culinary delights, you should read on now. All my impressions about the hotel and why it is definitely worth a visit, you will learn now.

As announced in my Sri Lanka Travel Guide, I would like to introduce the Hotel Heritance Negombo, which was my accommodation for the 13 days on Sri Lanka. The fact alone, after many years of round trips, to spend such a long time in a single hotel and still see so much, was pure relaxation. Anyone who has been reading my blog or following my Instagram Stories knows that I am very sensitive about hotels. The topic of cleanliness is my top priority, but I also take a close look at the furnishings and, of course, the service. How this hotel has performed for me, you can read now.

The Hotel Heritance Negombo
The situation
The 5 star hotel Heritance Negombo is located on the west coast, directly on the beach of Negombo and only 20 minutes by car from Colombo airport. Negombo is a small town with a few small shops where you can buy everything you need. Restaurants can be found on every corner and you have the possibility to taste local food. The main means of transport in Sri Lanka is the Tuk Tuk, an autorickshaw. At every street corner one has the possibility to rent such a vehicle and to chug through the streets with it.

The Hotel
The hotel itself has a lot to offer. There are three different room categories to choose from. You can choose between a standard room, a deluxe room or a premium room. The standard rooms are located at the bottom and have a small terrace. The deluxe rooms are located on the second floor and have a balcony and partly sea view. The premium rooms are on the top floor and have the best sea view. You can also choose between a package with half board or a package with breakfast only. We finally decided on a premium room with sea view and half board.

The room
The premium rooms are located at the top and can be easily reached by lift. The rooms are beautifully furnished and you feel right at home when you come in. The large comfortable bed faces the balcony, so you have a wonderful view of the sea directly from the bed. What was especially heavenly at sunset. The whole room is quite open, so one only finds the shower and the toilet hidden behind a frosted glass wall. Additionally, there is a spacious closet and a minibar with the possibility to make coffee and tea. But what I would like to mention here is the service in the room. Our Housekeeper Prasat fulfilled every wish and decorated our room every day with fresh flowers and towels.

The Pool
The pool landscape has a good size and is very well maintained. There is also a pool bar, where I had a cocktail or two. We had the luck that at our travel time only very few guests were guests in the hotel and so we often had the pool for ourselves. The service at the pool was as friendly and helpful as in any other area of the hotel. No matter when we made our way to the pool, someone immediately came with a towel and laid it over the deck chair for us. The only thing we had to do ourselves was to get into the pool and swim. 😀 Very very pleasant and relaxing.

The beach
The beach is separated from the hotel by a guarded fence. This is only for the protection of the guests, as annoying sellers or thieving monkeys are kept away. The beach itself was mostly deserted. Bathing in the sea was unfortunately not possible at our travel time because of the monsoon and the huge waves. But I was able to enjoy the beach with walks and just sitting there staring at the sea.

The food
Culinary pleasure at the highest level. The hotel has probably the best food I have ever eaten in a foreign country. In general, the cuisine in Sri Lanka is incredibly good and healthy. But the buffet in our hotel just flashed us. Little snacks where the eye goes, perfect to try a lot and every day there were different dishes. I have not seen a single dish twice in all the time I have spent in Sri Lanka and that with this huge selection.

The Service
The service was perfect throughout the hotel and in every area. All employees are very friendly, helpful and courteous. Whether at the reception, at the pool bar or in the restaurant, we were always very friendly received and served. Due to the great service, the whole stay felt very pleasant and we could enjoy the luxury to the fullest.

As you can see, I was more than satisfied with my stay at Heritance Negombo and so this hotel deserved an extra contribution. I love luxury when I am travelling and I don’t want to do without it. Long research before a journey belongs for me for this reason always to it. If you have time and patience, you can get one or the other great hotel as a bargain.


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