1.) Cress heart with love message
The glass heart box LIMITO is romantic yet not a bit kitschy – and it can be used for many sweet occasions. Whether as a hearty tea light holder, as a jewellery box, as a small treasure chest for special little things or as a gift idea with a heart. Because that’s definitely this lovingly self-sewn cress heart in the glass bowl, isn’t it?

That’s what you need:
Heart box LIMITO (10% discount with the keyword sammydemmy10)
Cress seeds (e.g. from a DIY store)
kitchen towels
nail scissors
white paper
Small letter stamps (e.g. these*)
white string
Wooden sticks 11,5 cm (e.g. these*)
Wood clips nature 4,5 cm (e.g. from here*)

Here’s the deal:
1.) See cress Take the heart box heart box LIMITO to hand and quickly plaster the small chocolate bars 😉 Put three kitchen towels on top of each other and draw the heart shape with a ballpoint pen.

Cut out the three-layer kitchen towel heart and put it in the lid!!! of the heart box. (The wooden clamps fit exactly on the side of the lid and hold tight, not on the underside.) Spread the cress seeds evenly on the kitchen paper and add about 3 mm of water.

Pours the cress daily, then it looks like this after about 4 days.

2.) Liebesbotschaft machen Cut out double-layered triangles from the white paper and stamp your text letter by letter. Then glue one word around each of the white shears. Use the nail scissors to make small holes in the ice sticks and knot the strings as shown.

3.) Now take the finished love message, the cress heart and two wooden clamps to hand.

Now you have a wooden clamp on your left and right heart. Open the clamps wide and push them right down, then they hook in perfectly and the opening is vertical.

Now you put the chopsticks with your text simply into the clamp openings and ready is the first gift with a lot of heart for Valentine’s Day 😉

Of course you can vary the colors and the text: with a single line and white text on black paper, for example, your hearty message looks totally beautiful.

2.) Engraved box: Sweets for my Sweet
The engraved Top box has been in daily use in our home for over two years, because it is not only beautifully simple, but also stable and practical. I have already presented a sweet gift idea with the can (CLICK) and it is really one of my favourites from LEONARDO’s range of engraving articles. That’s why I’ll just show it to you again – this time in the romantic Valentine’s Day look with the engraving “Sweets for my Sweet”.

The personal engraving makes the glass jar look really high quality and the more colourful the content, the better the inscription. Sugar sweet, isn’t it? The only thing missing is a suitable packaging to conjure up a gift idea with a lot of heart.

That’s what you need:
Can Top with personal engraving (10% discount with the keyword sammydemmy10)
red fruit gums or other red sweets
Transparent paper Din A2 (available e.g. at Idee)
Small letter stamps (e.g. these*)
Scissors and nail scissors
glue stick
Long ruler
Gift ribbon or cord
*Affiliate Links

Here’s the deal:
1.) Strip of transparent paper Cuts a strip of the size 11cm x 46cm from the A2 sheet. Now use the nail scissors to cut out a heart in the middle of the strip. Make sure that there is enough space left for a stamped text.

3.) Pack gift can Fills the fruit gums into the can and then wraps the finished strip around it from the outside. Glue the overlapping ends together with a glue stick.

Then tie a bow around the paper with the cord and the sweet surprise for sweet toothers is ready.

Well, dear lovers, did you like both my gift ideas with heart for Valentine’s Day? Then I’m very happy as always when you share them on Pinterest and post your handicraft results there as a photo under the pin 😉


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