Today I have again a DIY for children to do some DIY! The idea came to me a few days ago when I saw Luise playing with her bright pink Bobby-Car. Somehow the Bobby-Car just didn’t have a real place – it stood here and there in the way and needed its own place that looked cool 😉 And as is always the case with me, I had to put my idea into action immediately. Et voila, here the result – the new Bobby-Car parking lot:

Do you want to do the DIY for your kids? Then let’s go! The whole thing takes about 45 minutes.

You need:
– white tape roll as wide as possible from the DIY store (e.g. this one)
– kitchen chopping board
– as filigree a craft knife as possible

There you go:

1. print the stencil bobbycar_PDF on A4.
2. pick up the cutting board and glue some strips of the tape close together until you reach the size of the A4 sheet.
Cut along the outline with the craft knife and exert enough pressure to cut through the sheet of paper and the adhesive tape layer.
4. remove the adhesive tape so that only the Bobby Car shape remains.

Ready? Then the rest of the little DIY for kids goes easy! Stick a rectangular parking space border on the floor. Puzzle the Bobby-Car motif piece by piece into the middle of your Bobby-Car parking lot:

And already the chic little pitch is ready! I think my little one thinks it’s really cool – she’s been plucking the tape for a while with great interest 😉 But for the sake of honesty I show you what she had in her hands a short time later instead:

My most expensive handbag from Moschino. Well, well… just women 😉

But at least with your little boys the Bobby-Car parking lot is well received, I hope! Anyway, have fun with the rebuilding! If you like the idea, I would be very happy if you would share it on Pinterest 😉




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