The little sister of Ibiza is less known. But by no means less worth seeing. But read for yourself…

Since many years Formentera is on my “To-Do-List”, now it was finally time and we booked this trip.

Before I married my husband and had children, I travelled a lot to find the most beautiful beaches. As it is, children change our lives, our points of view and we set other priorities. Somehow long-haul flights have lost some of their appeal for me and the closer the holiday destination seems, the more relaxed my preparations are. But what has not changed with our children is the longing for beautiful white beaches and turquoise blue water. The Caribbean in the Mediterranean… Friends of Formentera told me this. To be honest, I didn’t really believe that.

Even if the journey “from door to door” takes a good 7 hours, it is worth every minute and also incredibly exciting for the children.

So we went by bus and tram, full of joy to the airport and there it never gets boring anyway. The legendary Schoggigipfeli from Steiner Flughafenbeck was of course not forgotten. Despite the holiday season, we left Zurich on time and landed on Ibiza for a good 1.5 hours. Arrived at the small airport, the small bus immediately drove us to the port of Ibiza. As far as the eye can see, nothing but incredibly big, beautiful and certainly unimaginably expensive yachts. The 20 minutes drive took us through the party district of Ibiza, past the huge clubs and colorful hotels. Arrived at the harbour, there was enough time for a fine Italian gelati. I know, we were in Spain but to be honest, I heard much more Italian than Spanish on this holiday. All mouths clean again, we moved to the ferry. A wonderful, approx. 30 minute crossing to Formentera. Just 10 minutes after departure, my husband noticed that you can see all the way to the bottom of the sea. The water was so clear, hard to believe. And the colour… It could not be more Caribbean. Was there something about the Caribbean in the Mediterranean?

From the port “La Savina” we continued by bus to the hotel.

Another good 30 minutes on very good roads, through small villages, barren meadows with thousands of cacti with even more, unfortunately not yet ripe prickly pears, sometimes a view of the beautiful sea and of course always the tension in the stomach on our hotel. Finally there! The staff at the reception was very friendly and courteous, yet authentic and pleasant. The following is not so important for me, but it impressed me very much. Almost everyone speaks fluent German. Even the cleaning lady asks which language she should speak.

All our luggage was carried to our room or bungalow. The hotel has two main buildings with double rooms, in between there are several small bungalows. These include two double rooms with connecting doors and a bathroom. For us as a family of 4 this was perfect. I personally attach great importance to cleanliness and must say, it was always and really always everything to my complete satisfaction. The cleaning staff is always 100% committed, even if we have observed again and again what a time pressure they are exposed. It was a real race when the good ladies with all the equipment changed to the next bungalow. Not only the rooms, but also the whole facility was always very clean.

Shortly after arrival we all threw ourselves into bikinis and swimming trunks and off we went to the beach! We were really thrilled! White, fine sand and crystal clear, turquoise blue water! If we now had to look for a difference to a Caribbean beach, then perhaps it would be that there are not so many palm trees on Formentera. Dreamlike! Also while snorkeling we didn’t miss out, the fish nibble on your feet!

I also have to mention the food. I don’t know if it’s because there are so many Italians on the island and they like to eat well but the quality of the food is really very high! The fish for dinner jumps from the sea into the pan and so fresh everything seems to be processed. Fresh juices for breakfast, sweet fruits, very many different kinds of bread, eggs in various variations, healthy flakes, grains and seeds and even muesli and and and and. I had my doubts to eat 2 weeks from the buffet but these were already discarded after 2, 3 days.

The island has a really great and reliable bus connection. On a nice morning after breakfast we took the bus to “Sant Francesc”. Another nice 20 minute drive, partly along the sea. We found an incredibly lovely village with great small and very innovative Kafis and small restaurants. There are many great boutiques and jewellery stalls. The village is very well cared for and there is a wonderful atmosphere in the air. It was definitely worth a visit!

The children’s club at Riu La Mola is “only” open 2 times 2 hours a day and in the evening the minidisco. These 2 hours were so great that our children cried on the last day. I think that says it all! I had full confidence and the caregivers had taken hold of my heart. It was so nice to see how much joy and passion they put into their work!

Yes, we could have stayed for a third week and I could always imagine booking the same holidays again.


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