Some time ago I got a request from the company RBV Birkmann if I would like to try their new fondant “Fondantastic”. And I was also allowed to choose a pretty cake plate on top! It was a bit difficult for me to decide on the many great colours of the fondant, but in the end my choice fell to 150 g each of light blue, light green, yellow and pink – white was added in a 1 kg package. To cover a cake you usually need a lot more than for the decoration. From these colours I baked a flower cake for my sister afterwards for her birthday.

Under the fondant blanket is my basic recipe as marble floors, filled and coated with dark ganache. Because when I picked up my sister with the cake at the airport, the weather was not exactly suitable for cakes with almost 30 degrees. There had to be something robust. I converted the recipe to three eggs and baked it in a 20 cm springform pan. After baking I cut the bottom 2 x horizontally.

The fondant was easy to process – even with the warm temperatures and the slightly increased humidity. It didn’t stick and without any starch on the worktop! I had already tried much worse comrades (and thrown them into the barrel). After the processing a not unimportant point is of course the taste. It was – as typical for fondant – sweet, but without artificial chemical aftertaste. It tasted rather slightly vanilla. I cannot eat large quantities of fondant from any company. Which is why I always roll out as thin as I can. I see fondant as wrapping paper for a cake. You don’t keep wrapping paper, so you don’t have to eat the fondant if you don’t like it.

I had already prepared and dried the small leaves and flowers two days before, so they became firmer and did not lose their shape.

Do you like the great cake plate on which the flower cake was allowed to sit? This is the plate “Trend” in 24 cm diameter. I really like the simple design. And the matt ceramic is perfect for photography, because nothing is reflected in it! In addition, grey is so neutral that you can place practically any cake on it.

Thank you Birkmann team for letting me try the fondant! It certainly wasn’t the last time I used it! And the cake plate may take a seat in my collection and be retrieved on many occasions.


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