Sit down and rest… No, I have so much to do. An everyday situation that happens to a lot of people. After work? Unfortunately NO! Also for me as a blogger there is always something to do. Monday to Sunday from 0 to 24 o’clock. If you don’t set yourself any limits and conscious breaks here, sooner or later you will be totally exhausted. Having a regular daily routine and taking breaks is very important for health, mind and interpersonal relationships. Take them to your heart, the “Tips for more relaxation in everyday life”!

Simply switch off
Not being able to switch off anymore, constantly under power, constantly only functioning and sometime simply forgetting yourself completely, the biggest mistake you can make. It is precisely this behaviour that sooner or later affects health, which is the most important good we have. Do you also have a super stressful everyday life and find it extremely difficult to switch off? Then you should definitely read on now.

1. create a routine
Create regular processes in your everyday life. For the daily hustle and bustle, the lack of sleep and not achieving your daily goals is usually only the lack of routine to blame. Create times when you have to do certain things that are important, try to get up a little earlier in the morning so that you don’t appear so rushed at work. Take your time for a quiet breakfast and leave home on time. Try to go to sleep at the same time in the evening if possible and not too late. So your body can get used to the night’s rest and you will start the day much more rested and fitter in the morning.

2. listen to the rest
Relaxation music or audio books are one of the best ways to recover from stressful everyday life and to switch off completely during the day. Relaxing music can also be played while you’re doing the housework, the soothing music can help you to lower your thoughts and reduce your mental stress or even switch off for a short time. Try to concentrate on the music and let yourself be driven by the sounds. If you have the opportunity to rest a little during lunch break, then lie down and listen to this music for a few minutes. After that you will be able to continue working full of energy.

Simply switch off – tips for more relaxation in everyday life – relaxation tips for at home – but how to switch off? – Solution to relax in everyday life – Fashionladyloves by Tamara Wagner – Austrian Blogger

3. treat yourself to a hot relaxation bath
You’re off work, you come home, but you just can’t rest? If you know this situation, then you should try a relaxing bath. Bath additives are now available in all shapes and fragrances, so there is something for every taste. Lavender, rose, lemon grass, for example, are considered particularly relaxing. There are also many ready-made blends available for a relaxing bath.

4. go out and come to rest
You can also relax during a short walk in the nature. If you have the opportunity to go for a walk in the woods, take advantage of them. If you live in the city, try to get out at least briefly after work. In nature and especially in the forest you can recharge your batteries and recharge your batteries. In addition, in this quiet environment you have the possibility to think about everything in peace and to find solutions for any problems that stress you.

5. targeted relaxation training
Try to switch off with relaxation training like yoga, breathing techniques or meditation. The Yoga Challenge, for example, has worked wonders for me. On You Tube you’ll find many free videos and tutorials to try your hand at. So you can easily find the right program for you, because every person is different and reacts totally differently to individual methods. What is relaxing for one person can have the opposite effect for another. Find out what is good for you!

6. go offline
The smartphone provides for subconscious stress, which we as such often do not perceive at all. The fact that we are available to everyone around the clock and are constantly present on various social media channels causes stress, which we very often do not realize. Throughout the day, we immediately hang up our mobile phone when there is something new or when friends have something to tell us. Put your mobile away for several hours during the day and consciously try to limit social media consumption. Instead, meet real friends and spend time with your loved ones, because that’s relaxing too.

7. candles and tea
One thing should be said at this point, the effect of candles and tea should not be underestimated. Candlelight provides a calming effect, if the candle has a pleasant scent, the calming effect is intensified. A tea can also have a calming effect. A hot drink provides comforting warmth from the inside out. Herbal teas in particular also have a health-promoting effect.

A good work-life balance is so important for life in order to be and stay healthy and happy.
If you have further tips in store, please tell me them in the comments!


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