You have no desire to train in company in a gym, but still want an effective whole body workout? Dumbbell training for women is the perfect workout, which can be done easily and without much effort from home. You don’t need your own fitness room or a lot of space, a training mat and adjustable dumbbells are sufficient.

Dumbbell training for women
During dumbbell training, many people automatically think of training for men. But this type of training can also be super-effective for women and can be used to train the whole body. With consistent dumbbell training you can tighten your whole body, so nothing stands in the way of your bikini figure. When it comes to sports, we women usually find excuses very quickly. Often the lack of time for the gym is used as an excuse. But with dumbbells you can train comfortably from home, so there are no easy excuses.

If you are a complete beginner in dumbbell training, you should get someone to help you the first time. Your friend can check that you are doing the exercises correctly, that your posture is correct, and give you help in case you need it, to avoid any incorrect weight-bearing. You should always adjust the weight of the dumbbells to your training level, if you are a total beginner, you should start with as low weights as possible and then gradually try higher weights. An adjustable dumbbell set is best suited for this type of training. You can buy them at Gorilla Sports. With such a set you are well equipped and after training it can be easily stored away. In addition to the dumbbells, you can also train with Kettlebells. You can find more information about Kettlebell training here.

The exercises
There are countless training videos on You Tube, where you can easily train from home. So it’s relatively easy to do sports and bring variety into your training. In order to get started quickly, I’ll show you my favourites here. After these videos I have been training for some time and can recommend them from my own experience.

  • Full body workout – building muscles and tightening the body by Anne Bodykiss
  • The best exercises against arms by Team Alina
  • Dumbbell training at home by HappyAndFitFitFitness
  • HIT Weight Training Workout by Body Kraft

Of course there are also days when I don’t have the time or desire to do a complete workout. On these days, after a short warm-up, I do a few exercises that are super effective in short sentences. My favorites are the following:

– The dumbbell push-up – training for the whole body
A relatively strenuous exercise that trains the whole body effectively.

Bring the body into the push-up position. The right hand holds a dumbbell on the floor.

Now the body is pushed up with the arms like a push-up. The straight posture must not be lost.

In the push-up position the dumbbell is then pulled towards the body.

Then the arm is stretched out again and brought into position 2 and finally back to position 1.

I do this exercise in 3 sets of 10 repetitions per side.

– Dumbbell Side Lifting – Upper Body Training
The dumbbell side lifting is an exercise that trains the upper body and strengthens the shoulder muscles.

Bring the body into a secure position. The back must be stretched and the gaze must be directed forward. Both arms hold a dumbbell next to the thighs.

With a slight bend in the elbow, the dumbbells are now lifted until they are horizontal.

The dumbbells are then lowered to the side to the thighs.

I do this exercise in 3 sentences with 15 repetitions.


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