How do you manage to drink 2-3 litres of water a day? Here are 8 tips to drink more water so you can increase your daily water consumption and reach your daily goal. Water is the basic building block of our body, more than 60% of our body mass consists of water. That’s why our body has to fill up with new fluids again and again to stay fit and healthy.

How important it is to drink enough water should be clear to most people. We all know about the positive qualities and effects on our body and our health. Without special physical exertion, the body consumes about 3 litres of fluid per day. In order to supply all vital organs sufficiently, it is very important to consume enough water. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to drink enough. With a few tips you can counteract this problem in any case.

How much water should you drink a day?
Depending on your body size, your body needs about 2 to 3 litres of water per day. As a rule of thumb, you should drink about 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day. However, increased physical activity (sport, strenuous work) increases the need for fluids. Juices, soft drinks or coffee are not a substitute for water and should not be counted as daily fluid intake. Since the body can only process small amounts of water at once, it is important to drink water evenly throughout the day. It is also very important that you do not drink when you are thirsty, because thirst is a warning signal from the body. In this case, the body already indicates a fluid deficit.

Tips to drink more water

1. have water always at hand
Having water always at hand is the most important point. At home and at work, it’s best to have a jug of water ready, so you can always access it and keep an eye on the water. When you’re on the go, it’s best to put a nice water bottle in your pocket. A thermos flask is ideal for this, especially in summer. This keeps not only hot drinks warm, but also cold drinks cold for a long time.

2. drink a glass of water directly after getting up and before going to bed
The best way to get used to it is to drink a glass of water right after getting up. So you start the day with plenty of liquid. Also in the evening before going to bed, you should drink another glass of water to increase your daily water consumption.

3. drink with meals
Get used to drinking plenty of water with all your meals. Before, during and after a meal, take a few sips and you’ve already made another glass. If you usually drink soft drinks with your meals, then you should replace this drink with water. If this is not possible, you should also drink a glass of water. Positive side effect… if you drink enough with your meals, you will automatically eat less and reduce your calorie intake.

4. create memories
The best way to think about drinking during the day is to create memories. You can do this, for example, with small post-its that you distribute to the places where you spend the most time. A great invention are also so-called drinking apps, which remind you to drink water all day long with a warning sound. Both Android and Apple users have a wide choice.

5. add aromas to your water
Drinking only water can be boring in the long run. To prevent you from drinking juices or soft drinks, you can simply enrich your water with taste and valuable vitamins. The best way to do this is with calories and sugar-free water drops. Waterdrop is the world’s first micro drink. The best fruit and plant extracts have been gently compressed into a small cube, which you can throw into a glass of water anytime, anywhere. There are five different varieties in different flavours to choose from. They are all full of superfood extracts and valuable vitamins. You can buy these little magic cubes in the Waterdrop Onlineshop. And with the code FASHIONLADYLOVES20 you can save 20% on your first order.

6. add a fruity taste to your water
If you have fresh fruit at home, you can also simply add lemons, oranges or cucumber slices to your water. Your water can be particularly refreshing with frozen fruit. You can also eat frozen fruits right after drinking them. So you can satisfy your daily requirement for fruit at the same time.

7. drink carbonated water
If you are used to soft drinks, replace them with sparkling mineral water. Mineral water can also be spiced up with Waterdrop for a better but sugar-free taste.

8. drink unsweetened tea
Try drinking hot unsweetened tea in the morning instead of coffee. You can also drink hot or chilled teas in a variety of flavours during the day. For a little variety.


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