DIY wall with balloon motif


Wall decoration for children’s room

Well, actually, I really liked the confetti wall in Luise’s nursery! But at least it’s already one and a half years old – and in our family the children’s room design is traditionally changed every few months 😉 It was like that when I was a child myself: sometimes I had no idea of my mother’s design ideas and came home from school unsuspectingly, went into my nursery… and oops, in the meantime it had unfortunately become my brother’s room 😉 That’s the way it is with us and of course I continued this tradition – the highest railway for a new design in Luise’s room!

So the balloons became striped hot-air balloons with real fillable wooden utensil silos as hanging baskets. For the background colour I chose the beautiful warm sand tone Pottery, which I find simply sugar sweet in combination with the pink tone Cupcake. By the way, my balloon design idea is part of the book Stiltalent by toom: Talentschmiede, which I co-designed as one of 18 bloggers 😉 The book is available from the end of October for 4.99 Euro in all toom markets.

Do you like my idea? Then it’s time to start with the tutorial.

You need it:

– Colour Pottery Premiummatt – Colour Pottery Sand texture – Colour Cupcake Sand texture – Style talent by toom Premium Roller – small brush for fine details – a newspaper or gift wrapping paper – Coating utensils (foil for covering, adhesive tape, coating roll etc.) – small wooden baskets – Decorative ribbons for the basket decorations – screws

– cordless screwdriver

Here’s the deal:

1.) Sticks off all edges and brushes the wall edges with Pottery Premiummatt.

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2.) Cut out three circles in your desired size from newspaper or gift wrapping paper and hang them on the wall for viewing until you have found the most beautiful position for the balloons.

3.) Draw the contours of the circles on the wall with a pencil and then paint the border of the balloons with Pottery Premiummatt as shown.

4.) Now paint the complete wall with Pottery Premiummatt and save the circles. The colour is very opaque, as a rule a single coat should suffice.

5.) Now it goes to the fine work: paints the stripes with a pencil and then paints with the brush alternately the colors Cupcake sand structure and Pottery sand structure – the pink should always be outside, so that a clear contrast emerges. Apply the colour of the balloons several times to intensify the sand effect.

The balloons have a slightly plastic appearance due to the fine sand structure – you can see the difference up close:

6.) Now decorate the wooden baskets with decorative ribbons, screw them tight and glue thin masking tape strips as “ropes” to the wall.

Now put a few favourite cuddly toys and toys in the utensil silos and the airy, beautiful scenery in delicate girl’s colours is ready.

As if they were made especially for it, by the way, my DIY fabric balloons fit exactly to the new children’s room wall design 😉

By the way: Luise thinks her new realm is really great and the little eyes have illuminated at the first sight of the room at least as much as when raving with the balloons 😉