Hi tinkering fans! Here comes once again a small speed instruction without many words. After an idea of my friend Alex from www.blogfatos.com I show you here, how you can make these totally golden spherical pacifier chains quite simply yourselves with a time expenditure of approx. half an hour. With practice it goes of course as always faster 😉

Here we go:

You need:
– Sewing machine (can also be sewn quite quickly by hand)
– Cotton fabric of your choice in the size 5cm x 60 cm
– matching thread
– Dummy chain clip (e.g. from www.idee-shop.de)
– a hair tie or narrow decorative ribbon
– Wooden beads with 1cm – 1.5 cm diameter (preferably wood-coloured or white)
– Scissors or cutter
– safety pin
– ruler

First choose your material – old clothes or mispurchases with nice patterns can be recycled very well 😉

Now cut a strip of fabric about 4-5 cm wide and 50-60 cm long. Test how wide the strip really has to be with your beads. (It is better to measure the width as well as the length a bit more generously, because you will lose a lot of length at the end due to the knots)

Now fold the strip of cloth lengthwise to half its width, if you have a 5 cm wide strip for example, fold it to 2.5 cm. Now sew the narrow fabric tube together on the open side. You don’t need to sew the two ends.

To turn the fabric hose, insert a safety pin at one end as follows:

Then insert the needle with the fabric hanging from it into the tube and put the tube piece by piece over the needle.

When you have completely turned over the tube, start with the first knot about 6 cm before the end of the fabric. Thread in a bead and make another knot. Repeat this until the desired length is reached.

Now you take one of the ends and put a few millimeters of the not sewn edge simply inside into the hose.

Then take the hairband or a 7 cm long piece of decorative ribbon and put it into the fabric tube and sew it tight.

Now grab the still open end and again insert the unstitched edge a bit inwards into the fabric hose. Now thread on the pacifier chain clip and sew the whole thing.

Make sure that you have the double layer of fabric on the back of the pacifier chain and not in front – it will look cleaner in front.

And READY is already your beautiful DIY pacifier chain! But be careful, this is a bit addictive ;)))

By the way, you can also use the pacifier chains totally well as a homemade gift for birth or for baby parties. Only yesterday I gave one away in this little gift set:

How you can make the little scarf and the gift box I can show you next time. If you have any questions or wishes, just leave me a comment here or on Insta.


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