Honestly, I hadn’t heard anything about the possibility to stamp jewellery myself! But I think the idea is sensational, because it is incredibly individual and you can create great gifts for every occasion and everyone!

Anyone who offers “stamp jewellery” as a creative input at a children’s birthday party will probably only have enthusiastic kids around afterwards! What a mega fellow bogeyman! There is even a protection for the fingers, so that the younger children do not hurt themselves!

Or how about a small appendage to the confirmation or communion gift! With name and date perhaps!

Also gladly seen on Mother’s Day! What mum wouldn’t be happy about such a homemade piece of jewellery!

Again a fair (Creativeworld in Frankfurt) was to blame that I got to tell you about jewellery at all! If you follow me about Insta, you could already catch a glimpse of the ImpressArt booth, which provided me with the products for this DIY. There are almost no limits to your imagination! Bracelets, pendants in all sizes, chains, even rings and earrings can be stamped and shaped accordingly. Stamps are available in different fonts, flowers, hearts, mandalas, so many shapes that the decision is difficult.

You will find everything you need for the realization on the ImpressArt page!

Today I show you how I stamped various bracelets, pendants and chains.

First you lay down the unbent bracelet, the hammer, stamp block, stamp, a special pencil, as well as some kitchen towel or handkerchief

In order to always keep the correct distance, there are small stickers with guide lines that make working easier at the beginning. They are very helpful for beginners, but after some practice you don’t need them anymore.

You don’t have to be particularly talented! Just hammer on and there will be results! Put on the stamp, hammer on it, zack!

Once you have stamped your piece of jewellery, paint the recesses with the black pencil and let it dry for about 1-3 minutes. The longer, the more intense it gets!

Then simply wipe off the excess paint with a cloth. It remains in the recesses!

You see, this is definitely something for inexperienced DIYers!


The small rings are quickly transformed into a bracelet or necklace with a leather strap.

How the sliding knot works, I have already illustrated here! So you can adjust the bracelet quickly and easily to different arm sizes.

Also a great idea as a key fob!

I even thought that they could be used perfectly as napkin rings! With an individual saying “Enjoy” or the name of the guest also provide a nice memory!


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