Yoga to detoxify the body? Yes that is possible. With targeted detox yoga exercises, one can stimulate the metabolism and ensure that liver, kidneys and digestive organs are activated. That I love yoga is no longer a secret. After the 31 Days Yoga Challenge and the videos of Adriene I was looking for a new challenge. And more than ever I wanted to try out new yoga styles.

In yoga there are many different variations and directions. To find the right thing for you, trying it out here is especially important. Everyone has to find out for themselves what they like the most and what is suitable for the current situation. I am a person who always likes to try out new things in order to get to know new techniques. Thanks to Zalando We Love Yoga I came across the videos of Annie Clarke and could get to know some new directions of Yoga. Annie Clarke shows in her videos the most different workouts, so that there is really something for everyone. Whether challenging or yoga to relax, everyone will find the right program for them.

Detox Yoga
Detox yoga sounded totally interesting to me right away. Since I wanted to use my Sri Lanka holiday to purify and detox my body a little bit, I decided to do the Detox Yoga-Workout during these weeks. Because where does it train better than on a deserted and quiet beach?

The Detox-Workout should activate the lymphatic and digestive system as well as stimulate the liver and kidney function. The sequence of exercises massages the internal organs and is a combination of yoga exercises and breathing techniques. The 20-minute workout can be integrated into everyday life and performed anywhere. I was especially pleased about the fact that the sun salutation also appears in this video. This exercise is pretty much taught in every yoga class and has always been one of my favorite exercises. In any case I would like to try this workout in combination with a Detox juice cure.

Relax Yoga
I have also tried the Relaxing Relax Workout, which is perfect for switching off after a hard day. I used this workout to go to bed in the evening to relax and get a good night’s sleep. As I always suffer from jetlag while travelling, this program worked wonders for me and after only two days I got used to the time change and was able to fall asleep without any problems. The next morning I felt awake and fit. Especially on trips where you want to see as much as possible, it is important to be well rested in order to start the day fit.


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