Do you love unusual crochet patterns? Then you should have seen this once. You can crochet a pyramid pattern very quickly – because you don’t need a lot of crochet knowledge for the lattice tips. In the following instructions we show you step by step and with pictures how to do it.

previous knowledge
Important crochet techniques for the pyramid pattern:

Air stitches
firm meshes
half and whole sticks
double rod
Important notes for the lattice tips:

required number of meshes: divisible by 4 + 1 (e.g.: 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, …)
the pattern consists of 5 rows, of which rows 2 to 5 are always repeated afterwards
Crochet instructions – Pyramid pattern
Cast on an air mesh chain with the desired number of air meshes. We have struck 33 air meshes.

1st row
Crochet a tight stitch in the 2nd stitch from the crochet hook.

Then crochet the following pattern:

*5 air stitches, one fixed stitch in the 3rd air stitch, followed by half a piece of chopstick, a whole piece of chopstick in the last stitch of the chain * This is the pattern for a pyramid.

Now skip 3 stitches from the first row and crochet a tight stitch into the fourth stitch.

Repeat the pattern for the pyramid **.

Continue crocheting the pyramids until the end of the row. Always skip 3 stitches in between.

2nd row
Turn the work around and crochet 5 air stitches.

*A firm stitch follows into the top of the pyramid of the front row. Work 3 air stitches*.

Repeat the sequence ** until the last peak.

Now crochet an air stitch and a double crochet into the last stitch of the row.

3rd row
Turn the crochet piece and crochet 9 air stitches. Skip one air stitch of the front row and crochet one fixed stitch into the next fixed stitch of the front row.

Now crochet another pyramid: *5 air stitches, one firm stitch in the third, half a stick in the second and a whole stick in the last air stitch.
Skip 3 air stitches again and crochet a firm stitch into the fourth.

Repeat the order ** until the end of the row.

Finish the round with four air stitches and a double stitch into the last air stitch of the chain.

4th row
Now the work is turned around again.

Work one air mesh and one firm mesh into the next air mesh.

*There follow 3 air stitches and one firm stitch in the top of the next pyramid.
Repeat the sequence ** until the end of the row.

Finish the row with 3 air stitches and one fixed stitch in the 5th spiral air stitch.

5th row
The work is turned around.

Crochet one air stitch and one firm stitch into the next stitch of the front row.

*Crochet a pyramid and then a fixed stitch into the fourth stitch while skipping three stitches of the front row.

The sequence ** is repeated to the end.

Repetition of the pattern
From now on the rows 2 to 5 are repeated. Crochet the pattern until the piece has reached the desired height. Of course, the pyramid pattern should end with a finished edge.

So you see – it doesn’t really take much and in no time you can crochet the pyramid pattern. This is particularly suitable for flexible crochet pieces such as bedspreads, scarves or scarves.


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