The crochet trend continues – innovative designs and creative patterns are the result. Are you looking for a cute crochet pattern? In this guide we show you how to crochet a heart pattern. It’s not as difficult as it looks.

Previous knowledge
Before you start crocheting the heart pattern, you should follow these techniques and instructions.

Required number of meshes: divisible by 6 + 1 (Example: …, 13, 19, 25, …)
for the heart pattern require at least two different colors of wool
is ideal for a baby blanket
The crochet was done with a crochet hook of strength 4 and the matching wool. For beginners we recommend to start with a thicker needle. This is better in the hand. Thicker yarn is also easier to handle.

Crochet instructions – Crochet heart pattern

Base (Color A)
Crochet an air mesh chain consisting of 31 air meshes. Add another air mesh as spiral air mesh.

For the base, we recommend crocheting two rows of fixed stitches and one row of whole sticks.

Pull out the needle at the end of the row and leave the thread open as a long loop.

Tip: To ensure that the loop does not come loose, you can pull a mesh marker or paperclip through the loop.

1st row (colour B)
Place the new color at the other end, where the prerow loop is not located.

½ Heart: Crochet 3 air stitches and two sticks together in the first stitch of the front row.

Then crochet 3 air stitches.1 whole heart: skip 5 stitches in the front row and crochet 3 chopsticks together in the sixth stitch. Then two air stitches and 3 more sticks in one and the same stitch.

Repeat crocheting the three air stitches and the whole heart until the end of the row. Work the end with half a heart, i.e. with only three chopsticks.

2nd row (color A)
Now insert the crochet hook additionally through the open loop of color A. Then crochet 3 air stitches with colour A, the last one being pulled through the colour B loop.

The thread of colour B can now be cut off generously.

Now crochet a spiral air stitch. Then crochet a tight stitch.

*2 air stitches follow. Then crochet 3 chopsticks into the three middle stitches of colour A of the last base row. Crochet around the air mesh arc. Now 2 air meshes follow again. Then crochet a firm stitch in the middle of the heart motif of colour B.*.

Repeat the crochet steps ** until the end of the row. The row is finished with a firm stitch.

3rd row (color A)
Work 3 spiral air meshes.

Crochet a chopstick in the first arc of the prerow. Then crochet three sticks into the three of the first row. The next chop comes into the next bow, the following into the fixed stitch and the following again into the small bow.
Repeat the crocheting until the end of the row.

Now pull out the needle again and leave the working thread of colour A with a large loop.

Repeat heart pattern

Now the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rows are simply repeated – but moved. Crochet the stitches as you come.

1st row (colour B): You start with 3 air stitches. Then the first, complete heart follows in the middle over the two lower ones. The round ends here with a single chopstick.

2nd row (colour A): Now crochet with colour A again. Crochet a spiral air stitch, then a firm stitch. Then 2 air stitches and a firm stitch in the middle of the heart. Then again 2 air stitches follow and the three sticks in the middle of the front row. Crochet the pattern to the end of the row. The row ends with a firm stitch.

3rd row (colour A): Now another row of sticks follows. Crochet one chopstick in each of the small arches before and after the heart, one in the middle of the heart and in the three chopsticks between the hearts. The row ends with a chopstick, which you crochet on the last firm stitch.


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