It’s the same every year! You are looking for Christmas presents!

Happy are those who have received a wish list and can now choose to their heart’s content! At the latest NOW at this time, middle/end of November, the stress level rises and you look at the calendar with discomfort and count the weeks until Christmas Eve! Sure, you’ve usually already found something for the kids….they’re faster than you think with their wish list…and wonder if the Christ Child hasn’t picked up the note at the fridge yet….cough!


But, what about the dear girlfriends? They don’t make you a wish list or actually don’t want anything from you at all! And nevertheless one would like to make them gladly a joy with a Klitzekleinigkeit! Yes, what about them? From time to time you get a feedback about Insta, that this or that cup is totaaaaaaaal beautiful. Then you have to make a short note immediately….but mostly you are in the dark! I have broken my head! Until the day when I wanted to make a macramé wall hanging myself! On the search for suitable material in the net I landed on thousands, useless sides, but also on one side, you hear and marvel, which sells pendants for bracelets! Please don’t ask me what Google was thinking, to show me “pendants for bracelets” while searching for “macramé yarn”!! I don’t know! It will remain a secret! Anyway, I found them really beautiful and thought, “oh hey, I can do bracelets too” and I even had a lot of bracelets in the basement! Knauber, my all-purpose weapon in terms of handicraft material, had a mad selection of jewellery accessories and so I could get started after an hour already! Maybe you’ll be lucky and can even have Christmas yourself!
…in the middle of the post gibt´s a great raffle!

For all those who have not knotted yet, there is now a detailed illustration of the individual work steps…everyone else can skip this without hesitation!

– first you need two strands of equal length, which are knotted to the right and left of this ring

– now a single strand is added, with which you start the macrame work
pay close attention to whether the thread is on top or underneath!!!!!

– I’ll just have to tighten it up,
the first node will look like this

-simply guide the protruding ends inwards with a large needle and cut off the rest of the string

– on the other hand do the same

Finally I show you the absolute Nobel-Schiebe-Knooten, which nevertheless succeeds quite simply.

You hold on to the protruding ribbons of the bracelet and knot a new piece of yarn, with which you can again make the macramé knots (as shown above). Six knots are often enough. Knot the ends and you can vary the size of the bracelet.

Of course, you can not only give the bracelets away to your friends, but also keep them yourself! 😉

That’s why you still have the chance to win a cool, stylish watch from Jord Wood Watches! Don’t you know it yet? Oha! Just have a look at the website and decide if you want to take part in the Jord Wood Watches competition. Until 04.12.16 you have the chance to win a voucher for $75. Just follow this link! Who doesn’t dare, doesn’t win! Anyone who enters their name and email will automatically receive a $20 voucher!

I for my part love wood (easy to recognize by all my DIY´s) and am totally happy with my Frankie Zebrawood & Navy! It fits perfectly to my style and could, due to the very dark blue, also pass as black.
The selection for ladies watches is large. You won’t only find plain watches, but also really unique watches with Swarovski stones and a movement on the back (Cora Zebrawood & Rose….this is great, isn’t it? …. darn it, I also fully fell for it!….but the price!!!!….yes well, is just also an automatic…!)! If you have no idea for your better half yet, have a look at the men’s watches! What do you think of Sawyer Zebrawood & Obsidian or Dover Koa & Black?
Uaaaaaah, sorry, but I could show you umpteen more….but now it’s over! …… which do you find the most beautiful?…just out of curiosity!

If you’re still looking for something for your best friend, he might also want a macramé bracelet…but maybe he’d much rather have a key ring! Not all men like jewellery!


If you want the pendant in two colours, you will need three strands of one colour and one strand in a different colour, as well as a key ring. Place the three strands in the middle of the key ring and knot the pretzels as shown in the picture.

If you like the length you can finish the knot and add beads to the ends.

You are spoilt for choice! Both with the Makramee DIY, and with the clock selection!

So that I have Christmas Eve also for everyone a little something, I will get to work again! I wish you something!…and above all MUCH CHANCE in the lottery! I press you the thumbs!


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